What a yesterday x 2…

The title was edited because this post was supposed to be made yesterday but I got lazy… haha

EDIT: Now its yesterday’s yesterday since I wasnt able to post this yesterday haha

(darn its raining.. and its 8am,… no bath, no breakfast, no clothes! haha,, just kidding.. hehe )

So the date was, June 9.. thats where the story starts… the night before that, ultranerd bash was inviting us to go to rob mla to watch xmen 3… haha GAME!

so fast forward, we (ultranerd, dotagod, ushi, lesbo and me wahhaahah) watched xmen 3… i think i have watched xmen 1 and 2 … but i forgot already what happened there…so as far as the story goes, its just umm a simple plot… good mutants vs bad mutants, with those pesky non mutants trying to kill/disable all mutants…. lol … there were no babes there (shadowcat might cut it hehe) , thats sad…. the effects were good.. esp with magneto and jean.. their destructive powers were very strong… now the ending left me some questions….

Where the hell was jubilee? haha we saw her name in the credits but where was she? we didnot see any fireworks display (thats her power from the animated version)

Is there an xmen 4? the last scene seems to imply that it is not finished yet.

so ends the movie…. haha ultranerd 1 and ushi ate a lot of popcorn so … at that time they were full of popcorn.. those fools! hahaa 😛 it is nearing lunch and eating stuffs like those will make u full and lose apetite… so anyways, off to the usual problem of … where do we eat? … minutes later, we were now in sbarro.. and carrying another bag of popcorn… ultranerd 1 bought a big box.. and lesbo bought another big box.. and the ultranerd 1’s box is nearly empty and lesbo’s box is nearly full… haha

so umm, lesbo dotagod and I ordered this chicago deep dish… with its size, it doesnt look like a pizza anymore.. haha but a cake slice… hehe while ultranerd and ushi ordered some pasta.. haha fud fud fud fud…. eat eat eat… a bit later, dotagod was troubled since he was texted by a teacher that asks him for some documents… it looks like he might go home… but… later, ushi was talking nonsense (oh yeah) and an idea struck dotagod… he can ask the others who might have the document to send it for him .. and ofcourse, all the while, dotagod didnot listen to what ushi was talking about.. haha the shame!

anyways, after eating, the plan next was to go bowling.. and im the only one who has no socks… they three (not counting lesbo) were already wearing tennis shoes, and lesbo brought some socks… while me… slippers only… so we went to the department store to buy me socks…. a cheap P20 sock that looks like a one time use disposable sock.. oh well….

so off to the bowling game… we all picked our balls and started the game… i look ridiculous in my outfit hahaa imagine shorts with bowling shoes.. haha the team was ..lesbo ultranerd and me vs ushi and dotagod… well, ushi is already a veteran bowling player so it should be 4 on 1.. but 3 on 2 is ok.. so umm.. too tired to list all details. haha here are some highlights

  • Most strikes in game – Dotagod
  • Most number of consecutive strikes – 2 (dotagod)
  • Most number of spares – ultranerd
  • Most number of consecutive spares – forgot , ultranerd
  • Highest score – forgot .. hahaa maybe ultranerd with 126?
  • most number of canals – ME! whahaha ownage!
  • most number of consecutive canals – 4 ME! oh yeah! ahha

oh well.. haha my personal best was 95.. and in that game, i got the 4 consecutive canals.. not counting the other canals.. haha not bad.. (trying to lift spirits up)

so .. next .. after the bowling game.. we went to bench to buy this… styling stick.. ahaha i bought one, ushi also wants to buy but changed his mind.. hehe

then go home.. and … there.. end of day.. haha


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