My day


morning.. watched NBA finals… this is the first game I have watched since the nba finals 2006 started…. Miami was down 2-0 and Im a miami fan… or any team that was in the east.. I want the east to win… and facing that record, miami is the underdog.. getting raped by dallas in two games…

was chatting with bonta and told him that miami was losing because I am not watching them play(sorry to those who take this seriously) and they will play well if I watch… today, in game three I watched.. and seemed funny that everytime I watch, miami scores or something, then when I went to eat breakfast, take a bath and read State of War, dallas catches right back up… so .. in response to that, I watched that last four minutes of the game… it was a thriller.. with only seconds left in the game and miami leads only by 2 points.. hehe but today, miami wins… but it was a close game.. where if miami lost that game, they would be in danger of getting swept.. the shame.. hehe

things iv noticed in the game… shaq aint as dominant… dallas has lots of players… wade is carrying the team even with five fouls… heat got excited early on thats why they lost their lead… aahhh .. go miami hehe ending the game, I also finished book 2 of the three books in the State of War …

next me ate lunch and after surfing for a while, slept… woke up at around 3pm and gladly my school sense told me to stop sleeping and read or else, I would have just slept till 5 or 6.. then to eat dinner and watch some shows and do no schoolwork.. so thanks to my schoolsense (rarely it activates! so for those who want to say nerd, urusai ne! eheh ) I finished the book.. i was like.. what the hell?

State of war — how come I ddnt feel excited or happy about the book? it seems that I wasted my time reading it.. lol.. lots of narative in the first part.. and I think, the story climaxed and finish in just 1 chapter.. so the other chapters were like… extra extra to make it a long novel… (imo only) oh well.. atleast im glad im finished with it.. just gonna review a bit of it tom and take the test… lol the rapes scenes have been properly highlighted… along with some of the important parts of the plot.. hehe

I am glad that my blog is averaging 100+ hits a day since a few days ago… I should be able to reach 10 000 hits soon.. oh yeah! this wordpress blog of mine, started on january 22, 2006… as of posting it has 9 948 hits.. just a few more! oh yeah! ^_^

oh i hungry.. so i need to eat.. i registered again for the third time in globes unlimitext.. haha worth it if you text globe people… or like to spam some poor fool in the middle of the night.. hahah

My newly awaken couzin want me to mention him in my blog… so i give him a piece of spotlight!
A dude named Felvin . Bbol adict. Burp Master. Has Crystal. Chikka boy. Nget Man. Kusi Fresh. “natak an nako d ah, puli ta!” period. end of spotlight.


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