State of War

After reading the book for a few days, yesterday we had a test … the book was a very detailed book so I tried my best to familiarize myself with the details.. i have highlighted some parts of my book.. like nice lines, narations.. .scenes.. rated  scenes.. and all those stuffs for easy reviewing later… 

so came the test… first part was objective.. 10 items, 1 point each. and the second part was.. 10 points, 2 essay questions..  there were two sets, one for State of war and one for the other book, my brother my executioner… and i can say… the questions for state of war were uber hard man! hahaha the first five questions were some identifications.. but the next five were killer… it was.. identify the characters who said this… i was like.. what the hell….

who said : "Hmmmmm…."  who said : "Do it again! " <- whaaa……

I was just exagerating on that example but it was hard… most of the people in my brother my executioner test got passing scores and those in state of war got scores like… less than five.. how sad… 

then came the essay question.. it was also hard like hell… omg…  discuss the importanceof the book's title and the chapter titles.. what the.. and discuss thestand of author regarding politics and philippine history.. another what the? haha 

so … for that… its over.. hopefully i can reach 14 .. which is the passing grade… 14/20… not bad. haha

State of war was a good read.. but definitely not a good choice in the test…

it was soo challenging that we who took the test … dropped dead…  


1 Response to “State of War”

  1. 1 Bonta June 18, 2006 at 10:13 am

    darn %$%&)*#&$)# test! sure failed na ako! hehehe

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