Mega Cram Day

It always happens when there is a submission to be passed the next day.. a deadline for a project, paper, or anything hard… Cant deny it.. cramming is always the solution..
situation ..
Japala1 – a test on verbs… matching type.. it has more words than the adjective test last week and i only have little time to study for it all…
Litera1 – the killer.. a term paper.. a poster.. progress is just a simple title page.. good luck! haha 🙂 my problem for now is that i dont know how to create a poster hehe

why the rush? coz i was too lazy to do parts of it last weekend.. haha i think i  just rotted away my weekend again as usual and now the result is one day of cramming …

Ganbatte kudasai!

Poster!!! -_- ….


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