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Typhoon stops classes

For the 2nd day, typhoon glenda has stopped classes.. so that means, our thesis defense has been rescheduled next week…

Pros – More time to prepare

Cons – my plans are ruined..

haha oh well…


Dormant Blog

Oh my.. my blog is dieng… because I am not posting much… but thanks to my kdramas and babe gallery.. it still manages to have lots of hits everyday.. oh yeah!

anyways, news updates::

my dual core… my laptop.. died last thursday july 20.. at about 1:15pm in the afternoon.. I was listening to Ne Yo – so sick and was planning to play a CS game… and it just died.. It wont run on batteries nor on AC… I was in a state of shock.. it was .. wat da hell happened!? my precious dual core… dead in front of me.. so I had no choice but to bring it to a service center… and the case was.. death due to motherboard… and up until now.. i am still waiting for the repairs to be done… my files! my mp3z! my downloads! haah my companion for months… come back to me!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Tom… July 24.. at 3pm in the afternoon. is the thesis defense of POPSICLE ..darn i forgot what it means hehe and I dont know if I am prepared for it already… on the proposed schedule.. i got 5 minutes to explain. and perhaps explain more later.. i think i will be the one who says the least.. and thats good.. im not good in public speaking.. especialy when its serious.. haha id rather type and chat my explanation instead of saying it.. im prone to mental block and .. say nonsense hahaa oh well.. Godbless to us all tom.. and I really hope that we pass this… I have lots of planz!! very great planz to celebrate my hapines.. and it will all be good if i i have to pass.. heard that team? haha passu!

what more? ahh yeah.. after weeks of trying.. i have finally suceeded in my plan to first change my line into a prepaid and register for unli.. haha it happened last friday.. im happy im unli.. and my P300 worth of prepaid load vaporized into P50 in a week because i was still not unli at that time… haay.. life lol

anyways, heaven on earth… is attainable.. it takes two to make it possible… me happy ! oh yih! i try typing.. wit..

oh darn.. its only in my laptop that i can type in other languages.. bring me back my laptop!!! darn!!! ywahaohoahoaoaho …. surprise… haay.. i want to surprise…. sige i go na.. prepare for thesis.. hehe

Kiss Because Im A Girl Lyrics

Version English
I just can’t understand the ways
Of all the men and their mistakes
You give them all your heart
And then they rip it all away

You told me how much you loved me
And how our love was meant to be
And I believed in you
I thought that you would set me free

You should’ve just told me the truth
That I wasn’t the girl for you
Still, I didn’t have a clue
So my heart depended on you, whoa

Although I’ll say I hate you now
Though I’ll shout and curse you out
I’ll always have love for you
Because I am a girl

Been told a man will leave you cold
Get sick of you and bored
I know that it’s no lie
I gave my all, still I just cry

Never again will I be fooled
To give my all when nothing’s true
I won’t be played again
But I will fall in love again



I loved you so
Now you leave me in the cold
How could this be
I thought that you’d only love me

Into the night
I will pray that you’re alright
You hurt me so
I just can’t let you go

You took advantage of my willingness
To do anything for love
Now I’m the only one in pain
Will you please take it all away

Never thought being born a girl
How I can love you and be burned
And now I will build a wall
To never get torn again

(CHORUS) [2x]

Thesis Deadlines!!!

This is the major problem of every ST student hoping to graduate this term. Thesis..this is the biggest and last obstacle before we can get that DLSU Diploma that we have worked for 3 years…

Personally, for our thesis, its testing, documentation and software finalization thats our problem for now. well.. docu is doing fine.. testing i dont have a clue.. perhaps this week.. software finalization will be done next week i think.. haha thats all i know.. coz i dont know hehe ..

right now, i just finished writing my design and implementation part of my module.. the response generator.. oh well, since i only used one algo then its more easier to write.. oh yeah…

out of topic rant.. darn globe, it wont allow me to activate my g2p.. without it, i cant go unlimited and im dead… since right now i have consumed by free text.. so its dangerous to text.. haha must use chika all the time for now until the end of the month.. hehe =) oh well.. its for a good cause..


Hmm for the past few weeks I have noticed other people posting comments that are rude or sexually harrassing the babes in the Babes gallery section.. these are not tolerated and are deleted on sight. I want my blog to be free from stuffs like those.

That is all thank you.

As you can see, activity has gone down for the blog.. i was lazy .. hehe thats my only excuse that I can give.ย  sorry hehe

Life Updates

I am sick.. I got colds and am coughin like a sad dog right now… It must be due to a lot of factors, got caught in the rain, stayed up late a lot and also that super mega sweet syrup like thing that I ate a lot.. now I suffer the consequences… so sad my life…

anyways, last week. i was able to finish and pass my LITERA work and study japanese verbs at the same time.. in just one day.. haha major thanks to ms haiyan wu and bash da gay for the poster drawing.. without them, my hard work (ehem) in writing the paper would be in vain.. haha thanks thanks.. and to all .. thanks too.. bowlike hell .. hehe

umm I finished watching MY Girl last week and I might say.. the ending is.. so short.. so bitin.. haha I want more.. it seemed rushed or something.. but it was good… ๐Ÿ˜€ il try to make a review later on hehe ^_^

i dont know what to write now.. haha oh well.. im happy nowadays.. very very much happy.. oh yeah! ๐Ÿ˜€


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