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One obstacle down…

Litera is out! haha

Japala, thesis and gamedes to go… hihi..

hopefully we can finish thesis asap…gamedes this weekend and japala, hoping to get an exemption to the final exams.. its free to hope right?

thats all.. not in the mood….


Thesis Verdict… REDE


that is our verdict.. a redemo for next next week… it is still better than redefense i say. It’s like showing them your revisions first hand instead of finding them yourselves.. hehe

Well, it was really scary..on the day of the defense.. we were being asked questions and most of the time, we cant answer very well.. i was already thinking that based on our answers, we would get a redefense because ..overall, it wasnt convincing to them.. it was very funny but… good thing we got the redemo.. it would be very hard if we got a redefense… we will have to explain all of those things again!?!? haha

So now.. umm school schedule is very hectic..

  • Thesis revisions… not just grammar and spelling errors but more on the content side.. and restructuring a whole chapter.. now thats… a lot of work and we hope to finish it by today…
  • Gamedes .. the design document.. is that needed? haha i just want to play for free.. haha just kidding… we do it today too.. and i will be late.. coz no vehicle.. haha
  • Japala1 … a major killer… i still cant comprehend the conversations that is written in our papers.. and i cant read that fast yet with the hiragana alphabet… so its doom…
  • Litera … the last hurdle will be the drama festival.. and all i have memorizedso far is one line for the drama….

looking at this, seems like there is a lot of work to do for this week… but… it can be done.. I must.. haha but im lazy.. so…. lazy rules.. hahaa

thats all for school… i was lazy to post.. this post was suposed to be due a few days ago. haha


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