After a long absence…

Whew, I was really gone from this blog for nearly a month.. well the culprit for my not blogging is due to my laziness so.. lets have a recap on what has happened so far. hehe


THESIS – Well, we got our redemo.. and Deryk gave me the task of preparing for the redemo.. and I goofed up.. wahaha So.. we got another verdict… a re .. re demo.. you got it right, we are going to redemo our redemo to our teachers. now that was shameful. and its all because of me.. hehe well.. on the next redemo, deryk was the one who did the demo and it was finished in 10 minutes.. tsk tsk tsk…
well, for the other subjects, we didnot have the finals in japala so my plans of going home a week earlier was fulfilled. Arigato Feliciano-sama.
So after all that, i went home.. as a graduate of dlsu! hooray! but i wont leave dlsu yet, i still have to finish the straigh mscs program that i took there, so thats another one year and a half for me, or four terms to be exact.. I just hope it is good.. and i wont become super lazy since masteral, i think, is very serious and will depend on how independent you are as a student, researcher or whatever you may be.. but for now, i still have to complete my application for graduate studies.. and i am here in Iloilo, so i send my pawn..(wahaha joke) to do my application.. as a favor ehhe … 😀 \


Now, this is the life… it has been good.. all day relaxing at home, with some casual going out for a while, but most of the time i stay at home… now what do i do here at home? well, im wondering why time passes by so fast but it feels like i have not done anything. (ironic since when im in a class, time moves soooo slow) so …well, sometimes i watch tv… or watch some anime, surf the internet for anything to find… but except for two days since I was here in Iloilo, i have spent most of my time with my special someone 😉 hehe it starting with the first meeting, and continously we have been meeting like hell… everyday! and up until now, (14 days already) we have not missed a day where we have not met… well, our meetings can be like for a few minutes only to spending the whole day together.. oh yeah!! I would like to story on this more but I think it needs another post for it hehe oh well..


I will try my best to be active in here again, I got lots of free time! hehe So far, I am happy with the way my blog is doing. even if I have not posted for a while, it still continues to rack in visitors.. well, to download the OSTs.. haha and not read my life.. but its ok .. as long as there are visitors hehe

thanks for coming and come back soon! =)


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