I have packed my things already… clothes, shoes, hygiene stuffs (hehe), dual core, still checking whether i have missed something or not.. what else have i missed?

I cant believe that il be flying away soon… 11am to be exact, back to manila… back to studies (darn)… back to more polution (inhale oh yeah), back to where i spent about 3 years of my college life… back once again…

it seems funny but there are times that im all excited to go back, and there are times where i am not.. and this is one of the times where i am not excited to go back.. if only things went my way, i wont come back till next year.. hehe.. i know that i had a long vacation here in iloilo.. three weeks.. it is already as long as the summer break… and it is really quite long for a semestral break.. but … time flew so fast and now, look, im on the day of my return already…

oh well, it will just make it hard to leave if i keep thinking of these sad thoughts.. i should be happy.. like.. think happy thoughts.. all those fun, adventures, get togethers, all those memeories spent together… so that, i wont be sad.. and she wont be sad… happy like these… =) … the happy mask should be worn today.. september.. october.. novemeber.. december.. omg! four months.. wahha so … short.. i cant wait to come back here…

that is all.. i need to take a bath.. and eat breakfast, and final check before I go.. hehe and .. im sorry I lied to her yesterday… but i think it wasnt a lie… well, find out if it is or not..

the night before…

>>ey, ok lang simo if dtaka madul ong bwas? (is it ok with you if i cant make hatid you tom?)
ok lang, wala man ko ga expect nga dul ong mko bwas eh… (its ok, im not expecting u to make hatid me tom)

and now…

ey, i really do not expect you to make hatid me today sa airport.. aside from it being shyful or embarassing since my parents are there, i know that you have class on that time.. right? so its ok.. i understand… although, i would really be happy if you were there.. i really would be..

senxa sa conyo.. but.. whats “hatid” in english? hehe

anyways, oh well.. the next time i post here is when I am already in Manila… till then, take care and Godbless…


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