Bad day..

Today is really a bad day for me..

First was losing the partition… now, my laptop wont work…

I am no idea what happened, all i remember is that, windows kept on pestering me to reboot the computer to complete the windows update… and after that, disaster..

It didnot boot up again.. the power is on but I see nothing on the screen.. I turned it off manually and tried it on AC power..and on batteries.. same result.. the laptop is on but nothing is being shown on the screen..

I thought that perhaps the LCD had a problem, so i tried turning it on again, and estimated the time it took to boot to windows and tried to access the laptop through the network.. but i cant access it, so i assumed that it ddnt boot up… oh man.. whats wrong with you ?

tomorow, i bring laptop to acer service center.. it was just nearly 1-2 months since it got a new motherboard and now this? omg.. soo mega darn… i hate this day… -_- .. now i cant finish my anime reorganization.. so I watch full metal panic fumuffo instead.. wahaha…


1 Response to “Bad day..”

  1. 1 Dotagod TanLaw September 14, 2006 at 11:17 am

    Poor quality laptop. After being owned 9992 times, it died. *guffaw*

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