Anti Rot Measures…

Hmm I have finished full metal panic fumoffu earlier this morning… it was an ok ok series, i had some good laughs but the other scenes were so-so… hehe it was perhaps due to the fact that i have gotten use to (whats his namE again? omg.. google time first.. ) ohh , Sousuke’s weird way of life… the military life, calm, prone to violence, exagerated measures and solutions to the simple school problems… hehe so it seemed normal for me…

so now, im thinking of what to do.. im rotting.. without my laptop,i cant continue my anime reorganiznig since the excel file is there.. haha dont want to type it all again… so now, im planning to reorganize my other cds and dvds… i have hundreds of cds lying around in the room.. some have no labels, so i have no idea whats inside them until i look.. i need to reorganize… so thats my plan… i burn, label and put them in proper places.. hehe and i also plan to go to acer and ask about my poor quality laptop.. yeh laugh all yeh single core laptop holders.. hehe my dual core is going back to the service center.. for the 2nd time… sadoaisdasiodasodoasdioasdioashod … calming down… =)

so thats, all, see i got so much free time, i can blog a lot more.. hehe


2 Responses to “Anti Rot Measures…”

  1. 1 majuro September 14, 2006 at 2:33 pm

    how’d you trace my wordpress? lol quit web-stalking me… haha paki-delete nalng sa blogdrive account ko. it’s been almost 90 posts so di ko na ma-manage with blogdrive’s format that’s why i transfered here.

  2. 2 silkenhut September 14, 2006 at 3:57 pm

    wahaha i saw you in my hits counter… 😛 sige i delete your link.. hha

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