Just plain lazy…

A lot of things happened last week until today but I was just too lazy to blog it…just a plain enumeration of the stuffs…

  • I joined the overnight at deryk’s house last sat. it started as a visit to redbox then me, deryk law and bash went to deryks where we played basketball.. then anco came and another game then we went to anco to eat food like hell … then played a bit more after that… then, it was nearly 1030 or something when we went back at deryk.
  • Back at deryk’s house, i forgot what the hell we did but at 12midnight,deryk was talking while i was preparing to sleep when bash and law wantd to play cards.. since i dont know how to play, i wanted to sleep.. but they teach me… so we played and later deryk joined and we slept at 3+ in the morning..
  • morning came, and we ate breakfast at mcdo, and after that, we go home and … i slept.. dead tired …
  • Monday.. umm nothing much, got a few signatures for our transfer credentials and ate at cellos for the first time.. i like the strawberry fillling but i get the feeling that, BITIN sobra.. haha
  • Tuesday.. normal class. rained like hell that we were stranded at school.. good thing law called for reinforcements and i was able to go home at nearly 11pm.. hahah.. im stil safe..
  • Wednesday.. P&G … talk in the morning, eat at lunch.. benefits in the afternoon.. and a hell test … then we went to g4 to unwind… after that.. go home..hehe
  • Thursday.. i Rot… started playing Grandia for PS..
  • Tomorow. i hope..naah never mind…

Thats all for my life’s updates.. whahaa


1 Response to “Just plain lazy…”

  1. 1 muhaha September 21, 2006 at 6:43 pm

    kawawa ka naman…u need, u need work! hahah joke =p okz lang yan! u make download a lot of movies! hehehe

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