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Weight Dilemna

OMG! this is very alarming.. and shocking for myself… I was just casually strolling yesterday when I decided to check my weight… my last check when I was still in iloilo last september…. and lately, people were telling me that, im getting fatter? chubbier or something… I for myself have noticed it but I didnt mind it at all… but yesterday, in the weighting scale. i was shocked…

I gained a total of 8 or more pounds and. in just one month and nearly a half!!

now this is a very bad situation!! how could i gain that much in just a short time… i was thinking that I just ate before weighting myself.. coke, burger and fries… but those dont add up to 8 pounds right? this is really shocking for me… i need to go on a diet… hehe lose you all you stupid fats…

wahaha.. so what i plan is.. to move around more.. watch what i eat…  now i have a goal…
Lesbo tips:

  • DO NOT EAT: egg yolk, fried foods. if you eat foods with fat, u take off the fat!, lessen rice
  • EAT: fruits! oatmeal!
  • DO NOT DRINK: anything aside from water

and … me should watch atleast 3 episodes of anime or 1 episode of kdrama everyday … while watching i should be standing and walking around… not sitting and gain fat… hehe and i must umm not eat chocolates… poor chocnut. my supplies!!! less milk.. less eggs…less you all! haha and lots of water… more fiber!!! so many things to do.. but … fat u fuls! ^_^

so ends my tale of fatness….



Cant think of a better title so its the date today…

Actually, I have not been writing here a lot anymore.. I was thinking that, writing about my life would just make me write nonsense.. yes. my life is nonsense… it is just the basic routine of waking up, facing the computer.. eat.. bath.. and optionally going to class in the evening.. go home .. and sleep… basically, my life revolves around the computer..i have no idea why it takes so much of my time and even though i have lots of time, i feel like, its not enough when im in front of the computer…

ohh another thing.. i seem to have lost my interest in pursuing my masters degree.. now this is quite a shock.. but I feel like..whats the use ? i dont have the drive or something anymore.. especially when i failed my test last monday.. lol.. 1/5 true or false.. the shame.. i was asking myself.. whats the use of pursuing the degree if I myself is not motivated to pursue it.. i feel like a zombie knowing nothing but might pass.. it is not fair for me and i believe that i dont deserve to pass if this is my behavior… but ofcourse, i dont want to fail.. thats why i sometimes try to trick myself into doing more…

I dont have the motivation to pursue it… if i stop, what will i do? i have no idea… perhaps look for a job instead?  continue on letting my parents feed me? or what? now that i  graduated from undergrad, i seem to have lost my direction in life.. oh sheet. im at a lost… still thinking of what i should do… my future seems.. blurry… -_-

still collecting my thoughts…


Yesterday,the 147th commencement exercises of DLSU was held in PICC (dont know what that means) and I am happy to be a part of it. =)

So allow me to retell the story of my graduation…

I woke up at around 515am where I said to myself, oh men, its too early… so I slept back again and woke up at 530am, now because i did that, not only was my sleep still lacking,it also gave me a mild headache since my body registered that I only slept for 15minutes since it was the latest duration of sleep i had.. nice move..

Then i took a bath, ate a heavy breakfast, and went to PICC at 630am. We were travelling smoothly until we reached roxas boulevard area, where it was blocked so we were forced to take lots of different routes till we reached PICC… As we went down, people were coming to us giving us flowers for the graduation.. I thought it was for free but i then returned it knowing that you have to pay for those and those things were not required.. so i went ahead and went inside the picc..

Inside the PICC were lots of graduates already… some were really early there and to think it was just 7am.. we waited there, chatted with our batchmates.. looking at babes.. wahaha. and watching out whos the next classmate to arrive and later, at 8am or something, we started the march and marching we all go.. while marching, some of batchmates were arriving and running like hell to their places in the line since they were late..

So..when we arrived at our places.. boring boring stuffs happened.. sooner or later, we were walking to get our diploma and this is where the fun part starts… moments later after we returned to our seat, i noticed a smell… i thought someone let out some gas but noooooooo it wont disperse, it kept getting stronger and stronger and lots of people started noticing it already… haha there lots of people noticing it and some even saw it first hand.. cool! i mean, uncool man! imagine on your graduation day and ofcourse! haha so those in the back rows were reseated and poor them.. the janitors arrived to eliminate the invader and some fresh scents were planted to cover up the bad smell.. wahaha

So after graduation… picture taking nonstop.. and out to lunch, 2pm.. and go home to rest… hehe

Oh yeah.. Aiko greets Edel, Anco, Law, Kat and Bash Congratulations.. darn deryk u not there hehe

anyways, for those who want a souvenier for the graduation.. here is a little pic that made everyone open their bluetooth and ask for a copy… hehe

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DotA Allstars v6.36b AI 1.92

DotA Allstars v6.36b AI 1.92

Oh yeah..  this map also has been around for a while.. so anyways, here it is…

download it here

DotA Allstars v6.36b AI 1.92

Thats all.. ^_^

Dota All Stars 6.37 Map

Dota All Stars 6.37 Map

download here
Map has been around for a while. hehe so just helping with the download bandwidth hehe

Dota All Stars 6.37 Map

Changelog below (from

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Blog Content

Hmmm I am thinking of what to put in my blog aside from my usual rants? Well, so far, there are osts for Kdramas and then im thinking of what more to add. hehe

oh yeah, il try to migrate all my kdrama osts to the gmail account. ^_^

pw: silkenhutrules

New User alert!

Silkenhut proudly welcomes Mr. Zymeth02 as a new author in this blog! … hehe

As a start, he has added a new babe to the babe gallery.. the korean actress, Lee Da Hee… soo seductive kind of an actress.. oh men..

anyways, once again, welcome! =D


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