It has been quite a while since I last posted here. Well, aside from being lazy i can point my fingers to the recent power outtage that left us with no electricity for three days. Now, I will try to tell the story of the survival we did for the past week…

It’s gonna be a long read… (i think)

  • [September 27, 2006]
      The news is out.. there is a typhoon approaching.. oh wait. i think the typhoon has already hit the philippines… there was a bit of rainshowers here and there but nothing too serious… however, classes has been suspended for tommorrow… DLSU announced the suspension at 10pm I think… The day went by fast and later, I was already at my bed getting ready to sleep. The airconditioner is cool, blowing out cool air to make our room cool. Then I fell asleep.. During the night, I can hear the strong winds blowing hard and the raindrops? oh wait, strong rain raining hard… I can hear them hitting our windows but since I was sleepy, I ignored it… never did i expect what would happen on the next day…
  • [September 28, 2006]
      I woke up at the usual time I usually wake up, at around630am to 7am.. Strong winds and light rain during the day… nothing much, well, there is a typhoon so what do you expect? A sunny day? Hmmm so after walking around and surfing around, the power went out… and down goes my desktop… oh well, I returned to bed and minutes later, the power is back… so back i go again.. and poof! no power again… and again i went back to bed and the power went back again after a few minutes…. and as usual, i went to the desktop and minutes later, poof! dead again… and power never went back… sadness… so i switched everything off and went down… so there at the office, people there were huddled in because they cant go out since the wind is strong and it is raining.. also add to that, the phones also went out.. so its no power and no phones time.. we were just there talking and having fun while trying to pass up the time.. time sure flies fast when you have good company.. hehe A bit later, we went up and one suggested that we play cards… well, i only know how to play pusoy dos since the ultranerds taught me that when we slept at the cow’s house.. but they wanted to play tong its so i asked them to teach me how to play the game. well, i had a bit of a slow learning curve for this cause it has lots of rules.. but sooner i got the hang of it, still committing some mistakes but its ok.. people downstairs were playing pusoy and they were betting real money..i dont understand how they play but it sure is fast.. hehe sooner or later, one by one, they started to leave.. and the house became quiet… there were only four of us left in the house and we were rotting… so later, we played cards.. and played cards till evening.. we even started betting 1 peso per game wahaha.. you win some, you lose some.. i think i gained a few peso.. hoho good for me.. all the while wewere on candlelights and ofcourse, lots of complaints.. no power.. no water.. no phone.. soon no battery for the cellphone… and when sleeping time came, omg.. its soo hot in the room! no ventilation.. so i slept with no tshirt… and tried my best to sleep. it was soo hard but i managed to fall asleep…
  • [September 29, 2006]
  • Coming Soon.

  • [September 30, 2006]
      Oh my… woke up sweating and stuck on one position… i moved my back and cracked.. my backbone is so crunchy.. today, we were invited by my sister to go malling in glorietta so it was a saving moment for us. we wont have to rot around the house with nothing… so i started preparing and a bit later i went out.. the vehicle is low is gas! oh my.. so we roamed around to look for a gasoline station.. however, the gasoline stations near our place are all out of power so we had to travel far just to charge our gasoline tanks.. hehe .. so returning back, me and my couzin started moving along the traffic… umm i left the house at 1030 to look for a gasoline station, and arrived back at nearly 11am… and due to getting lost on the start of the trip and getting a detour in makati and also looking for a way to reach my sisters condo and also, the heavy traffic jam along the way.. we arrived at her place at around 1pm.. wahaha so we went to g4 and had lunch, then watched a movie, John tucker must die, and then ate dinner and went home… so we spent our day outside of the hell we are in at home… so back at home,. back at the dark place where candlelights serve as the light…back here.. to the heat where
  • [October 1, 2006]
      My back hurts… Im sweating like hell.. I cant believe this is the fourth of the survival mode. I sat up and grab a fan, and mytowel.. and started wiping my sweat off.. i started walking around going in and out of the room while fanning myself.. I look at the window and saw the weather is fine… and people going out of the house to get water from a water pump.. oh man… let me repeat… our situation is.. no power, no water, no telephone… It was making me crazy.. looking for some things to do.. I got this song hits from downstairs.. and starting singing like crazy all the songs that I am familiar with… shouting.. whispering..murmuring.. distorting the voice or anything.. just to pass the time.. well, thoughts of evacuating manila came into our heads… we were already planning to go home… too bad it was already too late for anything to happen but we were hoping that we could.. and ofcourse, regreting the fact that we did not think of gonig evacuating a few days back.. so i gathered info about the status of dlsu, public announcements and whats going on… just talk talk talk .. and then while talking more, the lights… came back… it was a shocker.. and we shout like hell.. rejoice! rejoice! ohhhh yeaaahhh… the survival is over! and the rest is history.. hehe

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