Cant think of a better title so its the date today…

Actually, I have not been writing here a lot anymore.. I was thinking that, writing about my life would just make me write nonsense.. yes. my life is nonsense… it is just the basic routine of waking up, facing the computer.. eat.. bath.. and optionally going to class in the evening.. go home .. and sleep… basically, my life revolves around the computer..i have no idea why it takes so much of my time and even though i have lots of time, i feel like, its not enough when im in front of the computer…

ohh another thing.. i seem to have lost my interest in pursuing my masters degree.. now this is quite a shock.. but I feel like..whats the use ? i dont have the drive or something anymore.. especially when i failed my test last monday.. lol.. 1/5 true or false.. the shame.. i was asking myself.. whats the use of pursuing the degree if I myself is not motivated to pursue it.. i feel like a zombie knowing nothing but might pass.. it is not fair for me and i believe that i dont deserve to pass if this is my behavior… but ofcourse, i dont want to fail.. thats why i sometimes try to trick myself into doing more…

I dont have the motivation to pursue it… if i stop, what will i do? i have no idea… perhaps look for a job instead?  continue on letting my parents feed me? or what? now that i  graduated from undergrad, i seem to have lost my direction in life.. oh sheet. im at a lost… still thinking of what i should do… my future seems.. blurry… -_-

still collecting my thoughts…


1 Response to “10-25-2006”

  1. 1 "lesbo" November 2, 2006 at 3:45 pm

    my sister says, all those who graduate would eventually reach this point in their lives. It’s just a matter of reflecting on what we really want to do in our lives =) If you still dont know what you want, u can still continue on studying masters while reflecting, or you can quit and start working while thinking (at least may income din hehe). But dont rush =) Sometimes kasi it will strike you lang..what you really want =) basta you know naman, i’m always here lang sa tabi tabi, and aiko is also there lang to always support you. Friends forever you ghey! hehe =)

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