Weight Dilemna

OMG! this is very alarming.. and shocking for myself… I was just casually strolling yesterday when I decided to check my weight… my last check when I was still in iloilo last september…. and lately, people were telling me that, im getting fatter? chubbier or something… I for myself have noticed it but I didnt mind it at all… but yesterday, in the weighting scale. i was shocked…

I gained a total of 8 or more pounds and. in just one month and nearly a half!!

now this is a very bad situation!! how could i gain that much in just a short time… i was thinking that I just ate before weighting myself.. coke, burger and fries… but those dont add up to 8 pounds right? this is really shocking for me… i need to go on a diet… hehe lose you all you stupid fats…

wahaha.. so what i plan is.. to move around more.. watch what i eat…  now i have a goal…
Lesbo tips:

  • DO NOT EAT: egg yolk, fried foods. if you eat foods with fat, u take off the fat!, lessen rice
  • EAT: fruits! oatmeal!
  • DO NOT DRINK: anything aside from water

and … me should watch atleast 3 episodes of anime or 1 episode of kdrama everyday … while watching i should be standing and walking around… not sitting and gain fat… hehe and i must umm not eat chocolates… poor chocnut. my supplies!!! less milk.. less eggs…less you all! haha and lots of water… more fiber!!! so many things to do.. but … fat u fuls! ^_^

so ends my tale of fatness….


3 Responses to “Weight Dilemna”

  1. 1 "lesbo" November 2, 2006 at 3:40 pm

    hmph! lesbo pala ha! me not help or give u tips na!!! hmph! hahaha =p come back to manila and do case study na u ghey! haha joke =p

  2. 2 ituloy angsulong November 10, 2006 at 11:27 am

    offtopic: just blog hopping. care to ex links?

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