End of the month update

Once again I shall say, its been a while since my last post… hehe I have been lazy once again, and been doing other stuffs, (online thingies).

so updates, umm blog content, nothing new here, just a few new comments here and I still dont know what to put. I shall consider putting more asian shows here, but I guess most of the people here are coming for the OST downloads. I am not saying all, but most.. its ok, im not paying for the bandwidth, and i just upload it once. But even though, only a few say thank you for their downloads.. haha ^_^

anyways, school life, well, this term, I have three subjects, 6 to  9pm every monday tuesday and friday… So far, umm its ok, its nearing the end, only 1 week left and I can go back to Iloilo once again. hehe but before that, projects, oh yes, projects have to be done first before I can go home. I hope that it can be finished by next week… since I am going home on december 9. ^_^

Still thinking if I should get a job now or not. Based from Edel and Anco’s stories, chikka is tempting, but… still im thinking haha im still lazy .. darn..oh well, anyways, thats all for now, i gotta do something else…

me signing out.


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