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Broken mouse

Oh darn.. my mouse on the desktop got broken because it fell last night… poor quality! now I have to switch mouses from Laptop to desktop just to be able to move around.. I need to buy a new mouse..

hmm been making myself busy for a while, clicking here and there, reading here and there,, and yeah, i have finished watching only you last saturday… no more han chae young and that cutie girl.. haha i move on to the next show … hehe perhaps il watch anime today? or something ? still thinking and planning on what il do..

later tonight is our automata project.. hopefully.. it ends well.. haha I have to bring the boys be dvd… thats our savior.. lol.. after automata, its modsim and eth hack.. and… only 6 days and i can go home! yahoo!! weee wew ewewewewewe yahoo.. haha

thats all for now.. i go watch some anime till evening hehe


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