the return

hohoho… now im back in manila again.. and where do i start? oh yes, I will be starting once again on my classes, and my schedule would be, monday and tuesday only. That means that i have long weekends the whole term, imagine wednesday to sunday no classes!!! oh yeah!

I really wish i dont have classes anymore but if I have no more classes, I would just be at home wasting my time and doing unproductive things…I wish i could start working and earn some cash but the thing is, im still super duper mega ultra lazy to find one. Last christmas vacation, i planned to get myself my NBI clearance and SSS ID, well, I have returned to manila and I dont have one. haha

Here i am once again, sitting idling in front of the laptop and pc, i switch around.. pc for downloads, laptop for other things that are not downloads. thinking what to write, earlier i was really excited to write in the blog since it has been a long time since I have written anything here but somehow, something came up… and i lost my excitement… hmm what about i rant about it instead? cool!

Let me see… it all started when I got the news, some “friend” is saying these embarassing things to someone… what embarassing things you say? Well, its simply saying to the public that he loves her… omg! be it to fellow classmates, schoolmates, teachers? well, not even taxi drivers and jeepney drivers are spared from his public confessions… People might say, how brave? how embarassing? shameful? well, people wont mind unless they knew that, the girl has a boyfriend already and that guy is not her boyfriend!

So why does this guy do this? I have no idea but he sure is full of himself… he already has a gf too and he does these things to the girl. Has he no shame? He can claim that all these is just a joke but too much public humiliation (for the girl i suppose) is bad right? What would people think of them? tsktsktsk… let us go the side of the girl…

The girl thinks that all of these is just a joke so she doesnt mind… It makes her skin hair stand up hearing those confessions which happens a lot. But they are friends, good friends that sometimes go together due to necessity or for company i heard… Since they are friends and its like a joke, then theres nothing wrong with that right?… and what right do i have to make this vulgar in my blog? haha

Well its because this morning i read something that pissed me off… i was just browsing through friendster due to some request and read something …umm bad… well, its a testimonial and it has not been approved yet, but i am sure that when it gets approved, the girl will have the image of a two timer and thus, image destroyed… so i got the request to delete the testimonial and delete the testimonial that the girl wrote to the guy, so I went to the guy’s profile and searched for the testimonial. and voila, i found out why the testimonial of the guy was like that… and at the moment, i lost my excitement (refer to 3rd paragraph of the post).

I am still thinking if i were to divulge the contents, but for now, i shall save it for later… i am pissed… I think some of you knows who I am talking about.. some dont, so if things arent clear, well, I am trying to explain it without divulging much information…


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