Shaman King

I am proud to say that I have finished watching 64 Episodes of shaman king in 2 weeks. Umm i marathoned it lately this week since before I was lazy to watch it but suddenly it got more interesting and well, the rest is history! haha

So now I will share my thoughts about this anime haha…

::Warning :: There might be spoilers

The first time I watched this, i was amazed at the new style of fighting… these Shamans have a primary spirit that they lend their bodies to and they get possesed by the spirit, plus the spirit’s abilities when it was still living. and they fight. haha I thought that whole anime would be like that but it was not. It was just their first ability and i think, their weakest ability called Hyoi Gattai. Let me see, I will divide the series into parts so that I can focus more on the parts,

Hyoi Gattai – Arc where Asakura Yoh (Main char) and other characters are introduced, till the defeat of Tao Ren. Development of main characters are placed here and we learned more things about their powers. It’s an ok arc, not too interesting and not too boring.. hehe

Shaman Fight Prelims – Arc where Yoh learns a new ability… now things get interesting here since there was the introduction of the shaman fight and lots of characters showed up with different spirits and abilities.. oh yeah. Oversoul (new ability) obtained! hehe Then more more fights fights… im tired of writing here.. im spoiling the story already… hehe

anyways, Shaman king was ok but I think in the later parts, they dont pay attention to some details like exhaustion, furyuku running out (energy thingy).. they just keep on fighting and fighting and no matter how many times they go down, they still get up and fight… (this happens in the later parts of the Shaman Fight Tournament) But one thing that shocked me is the dragonball idea in the end… i wont spoil what it is but it is sooo similar to dragonball… hehe oh yeah, theres another dragonball thingy there… remember the one eye glasses vegeta and etc had? that measures their Ki? well, they sort of had that too… Yoh’s allies has a Furyuku value of 8000+ to 10000+ but the ultimate enemy has 1250000 furyuku value!!! omg what ownage power…

Things I like

  • Anna! Her attitude is the best
  • Tao Jun …. shes hot! haha
  • Ryu’s changing hairstyle
  • other funny scenes hehe

Some questions im still wondering..

  • What happened to Hao (ultimate enemy)?
  • Why did everything disappear?
  • When will Anna (Shaman King’s wife or so she says) soften?
  • Is there a special relationship between Tao Jun and Pai Long? hoho Tao Jun is hot! ^_^
  • What is the use of that little guy companion of hao? obocha? or something hehe

2 Responses to “Shaman King”

  1. 1 Mich January 23, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    Watch Heroes! The new hit TV show from the US 😉 It has a funny Japanese character that provides comedy to the otherwise dark and realistic show. Read more at or in my blog.

  2. 2 silkenhut January 24, 2007 at 10:20 am

    oki. still looking for torrent for that. but first I need a thesis topic. haha

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