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Want Dota? Get Dota!

Why are some people too lazy to download their dota maps from websites? they would rather leech from people hosting the games? Lazy Bastards…


There, thats the site where you can get dota… latest so far is Dota 6.41… go download and ownage!

DOWNLOAD Dota 6.41


Thesis Day Turned Naruto Day

Oh well, today I planned it to be thesis day… where I would do thesis.. but ended up watching naruto…

I also planned on buying some dvds so that I can burn to free up my HD, but laziness struck and Im still at home…

Im wondering… when will my thesis eventually be finished? haha thats all for now. ^_^


Credits :: Bash

Synergy Opinions..

What can you say about synergy global international?

People have different opinions given the same circumstances… I guess it is best to be informed of such things…

Synergy Global International is nothing but a pyramid SCAM …

but if you want to join, goodluck earning 15k-20k while selling cosmetics at home. haha

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synergy global international

Update: The most recent blog post I wrote about Synergy Global International is here.

Now what the f0ck is that? haha watch and learn… =)

Thanks for someone (name omitted) for telling me its a scam. I am supposed to be cramming on my comparc test when this came up… oh well.. might as well have fun. ^_^

What I have learned in this conversation…

  • synergy global international is a scam… please be warned…
  • there is no such company when searched in google. and its supposed to be a US based multi national company?
  • Oh come on! you can get 15k-20k just by selling cosmetics at home? (THE BEST!)
  • What is the relationship of francising and distribution to referring people?
  • some people are just too plain nice.. offering oppurtunities to people they haven’t even known as their form of greetings

ChatLog is below.
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COMPARC First Exam

Goodluck to all my classmates!!!

My personal preparations were like this…

  • Deleting friend collectors in Friendster in the morning
  • Studying the algorithm of pipelining (writing it in paper)
  • Super brisk reading of slides
  • Watching 2 episodes of naruto (supposedly only 1)
  • Chatting this weird bisnes thingy ( – you spam this email if you want. )

I hope I can say I am ready and it is not that hard.. hehe

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