Mega lazy

I am mega lazy in terms of schoolwork…

  • almost 6 weeks delayed in Xmethods class
  • 7 days in a week, total work done : less than 2 days
  • No study rule
  • Play all day
  • Watching exhibition of fireworks (Kdrama)
  • sleeping late surfing or doing other stuffs…

Play! haha -random power ^_^

Most of the time I state this to Luni and GiLaw

Game ends in 10/15 minutes or GiLaw is Gi” , this may sound arrogant but usually it happens, not because we are dotagods or mega proz who can triple kill at level 1, but it is due to the superiority complex of some players. They are soooo good that dieng once is impossible and when it happens, they quit… thus ruining the game and sooner or later, the team with lesser players quits one by one… and GiLaw is again denied on his coveted gender. ^_^


1 Response to “Mega lazy”

  1. 1 zymeth02 February 11, 2007 at 9:06 pm

    Ultranerd_Lawrence: darn haha

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