Finished Watching Delightful Girl Choon Yang

Oh yeah.. actually i finished this last week or so but I was lazy to write a mini review for this… now before I sleep I shall write my review, hehe

Umm this is the second straight kdrama I watched with Han Chae Young in it…thanksto dotagod Gilaw a.k.a. TanLaw for sharing a copy of the kdrama to me… the first kdrama that I saw with Han Chae young (Cha Eun Jae)was only you, I dont know why but I did not really find her that attractive in Only You. I found Hong Soo Hyeon (Su yeon) more cute…. but enought of that… This is a delightful girl / sassy girl choon yang personal review….

Warning Spoilers!

So there I was watching the first episode… well it opens on a funny scene where Mong-Ryong (Jae Hee) was being chased by his dad for doing some mischief.. thats some funny scene, his dad is a profesional working in the police station and gets ballistic everytime his son gets into trouble… Choon yang (han chae young) is just a poor student studying hard and always is on top of her class… and they paths meet and Eun Jae’s life turned into a wild ride with Mong Ryong…

Watch this show in youtube. ^_^ Credits to soompi forum members

At the start, Mong ryong was kinda uncool… fights here and there.. transferring school and stuff… but I kind off expected that once he meets a girl or gets close to a girl, he will show his good side… I was right… even though he is ashamed of showing that he cares, he tries to do it and when Choon yang teases him because of it, he gets angry right away and does the opposite… He is just shy.. haha

Now comes the vixen!!! Chae rin… i first saw vixen from full house, it was Han Ji Eun (Song hye gyo’s) friend who called Kang Hye Won a vixen while they were at Young Jae’s (Rain) movie premier (Im talking about full house here) … well this time, it was Choon yang ‘s friend who called Chae Rin a vixen when they went to the skii lodge… actually I found some similar things here and in full house…

  • Mong Ryong is hot tempered …young is hot tempered
  • Mong Ryong is shy but tries to show that he cares… his thoughtfulness
  • Mong Ryong likes chae rin… young jae likes hye won
  • Chae Rin == Vixen == Hye Won
  • Choon yang  and Ji Eun has friends who are lovers… although their characteristics are different, Ji Eun’s friends are scammers while Choon yang’s friends wants the best for Eun Jae
  • Byun Hak Do (cane dude from nine tailed fox. ehe) and Moon yok are rich dudes who want Choon yang and Ji Eun respectively…

(note: I cant remember the screen names of the people in fullhouse… =( .. but i researched them so its there… haha thats all for the similarities i found.. hehe )

I totally dislike Chae Rin.. She ignores Mong Ryong and the moment she gets dumped, she goes to mongryong.. confused the little boy.. if thats not a rebound, then i dont know what to call that.. too bad mong ryong doesnt realize that chae rin is just using him to fill the gap left by her ex boyfriend… I can say Chae rin did a good job being a vixen.. i dislike her a lot.. haha making all those lies, excuses just to steal mong ryong’s attention to Choon yang .. poor Choon yang …

wait a minute, what about the other guy.. mr rich byun hak do… seriously, i wasnt expecting him to be the antagonist nor the usual extra guy that tries to get the main girl (eun jae) from the main guy (mong ryong) in kdramas… i mean, just looking at him, hes looks too old for me and to be paired with Choon yang (which is potraying just graduated students) I like his role in forbidden love (nine tailed fox… ohh kim tae hee…. i miss thee.. hehe) but here, ummm i did not like it much… seeing him crying.. or what, even i know that the scenes should be sad, i cant be sad due to him.. for me, it doesnt suit him to cry… having those teary eyes… oh well, but he wasnt that irritating as chae rin… although he what he does is worse than what chae rin has done.. but the effects of his actions to Choon yang is what i was wildly reacting too while watching.. i couldnt stand to see Choon yang doing those nasty things to mong ryong just because she wants to save mong ryong… but still, i salute mong ryong… it was soo early in the story that he said he loves Choon yang and up until the end, he never faltered… no matter what pains/ sufferings/ tears/ hurt eun jae gave him, he still loves her and i idolize that! yahoo….

overall, i like this series.. there might be some things that i have not said here… but il try to remember it and write it out soon.. hehe its better to write these reviews after watching not after watching another kdrama, (Exhibition of fireworks.. 3rd han chae young that i watched … straight!)

oh yeah , Han chae young’s new look at the later parts of the drama was soo cool… curly hair, nice eyes, with hat.. i like taht.. so hot.. il try to get a screenshot.. hehe or even better, an animated gif.. ^_^

well thats all for now.. thanks for reading. haha

Oh yeah.. i really love the OST of the delightful girl choon yang.. there was a day that I listened to it nonstop and i never got tired of it. =)


2 Responses to “Finished Watching Delightful Girl Choon Yang”

  1. 1 allie_cat February 14, 2007 at 9:06 am

    hi, i’m allie_cat from soompi! nice review you have here. SGCH did have a lot of similiraties to full house 🙂

    one thing though, i just can’t help but notice that you said that the name of han chae young’s character is cha eun jae… this is quite odd because the character’s name is song chun yang, thus the name of the series. oh well, a rose by any other name is still a rose… or something like that… hehehe 😀

  2. 2 silkenhut February 14, 2007 at 6:24 pm

    oh yeah! im sorry for that… perhaps i was thinking of her char in only you… thanks for pointing that out! ^_^

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