Today’s Events

Wanna know?

Today I woke up at 10am… and I realized.. oh sh!t, i have to be at school at 11am to listen to a talk.. it was required since we need to make a reaction paper… So I hurriedly took a bath and ate some breakfast… The night before I planned that my breakfast would be the instant oatmeal banana flavor I bought last week. Well, there it was, it looks like theres been an excess of water in it since it looks like soup.. lol I tasted it and it tastes like banana, ofcourse, i would be surprised if it tastes like a mango! wahaha but… it doesnt taste good so i took about 5 spoonfuls and set it aside… what a waste.. hehe so I go eat other food and drink milk… I rushed up and while I was brushing my teeth, i felt a bad feeling… all of a sudden i was like YOGA MILK! for about 3 seconds, the milk that i just drank was down the drain… oh yeah, i was coughing there, so it was like a catalyst to my breath of milk…

Next! off to school.. well, I arrived there about 11 already and I peeked at the ISR (I-dont-know seminar room) and there were just a few people there, Dr Roxas, Ms Yamie, and some dude… (which was the speaker as I found out later)… I rot there for 15min till some of my classmates arrived.. then we were asked to enter the room already and we rot again while waiting for it to start…. started on 1130 and the talk was about GIS.. well, some of my classmates on the field GIS on their thesis so that can benefit them.. but for me, i know nothing! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee I ddnt learn much of the talk… it was too technical for some parts and well, it ddnt spark my interest.. the applications of GIS is cool but the underlying theories are not. haha

After going home, the afternoon was spent on other stuffs.. like putting labels on my dvds… using paper and glue.. haha sufring the net… checking for downloads and other stuffs… boring afternoon… thesis wise.. yeah another day gone without doing anything in thesis….

oh yeah, by request of lesbo.. here is dance with my father available for listening and downloading! (click me)

…. i think i may developing cough syndromes… i wish i wont get sick…


3 Responses to “Today’s Events”

  1. 1 edel February 21, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    oh wawa naman u 😦 are you feeling alright na?

    Btw, thanks for ur music ah =) hehehe Take care always ghey!

    Friends Forever =)

  2. 2 kat February 21, 2007 at 7:39 pm

    u ghey!

    u and bash just played billiards sa phone ko during the talk! :))

    hehe :p

  3. 3 silkenhut February 21, 2007 at 7:53 pm

    ofcourse ms juliana.. haha what else to do aside from listen? dont understand a thing from talk haha

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