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Onij Nba Live – Law Team Vs Allen Team Game 3

Last night, Game 3 was held… and it was a blowout… poor Allen… we tried to get an interview with Allen and here was his thoughts, “It just wasnt our game… we were committing turnovers we dont usually do and the shots just wont go in. Call it an offnight..” and he walks away in embarrassment…

We wont know for sure what really happened but one thing for sure.. Law is celebrating his 2-1 game lead over Allen… When will Allen’s center play? I have an idea in game four, the centers will come to play since Law recently acquired Kirilenko for nba live which is a big addition to the rosters.

Well have an interview with Law later on .. and also the scoreboard..


Onij Nba Live – Law Team Vs Allen Team

Hi there everyone, today I would like to blog about the NBA live 2007 fantasy matchups between Allen team and Law team… so far, two games has been held and both teams stand at 1win and 1 lose apiece…

Game Summary ::

Game 1 :: Chicago (allen team) lost to Washington (law team) by a score of 69-78…
Game 2 :: Chicago owns Washington by a whooping score of 72 – 57

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Thesis Cram Days

It is time to cram thesis and be able to finish it within one week or else I could not go home to iloilo next week. hehe

My goals for today are..

  • Fix Objectives
  • Fix Scope and Limitations
  • “Gently” kill Popsicle in Overview
  • Write RRL for ICICLE and POPSICLE in Chapter 2

Thats my plans for today.. I can still add more if i feel good… but i might be able to finish it too coz im lazy.. .well, its 1040am posting time. So I have a whole day. hehe

Edit. also added some spell checking and checking of sources… ^_^

Back to manila

i am back to manila.. and im not feeling good.. darn cebu pacific airplane… it was shaky upon its descent and because of that, i have a slight heavy headache now … haaayy good thing my class later in comparc is just a review for a hopefully finals next week.

having a comparc final exams next week is good news and bad news… good news is that, i can go home earlier back to iloilo… bad news, i have to mega ultra cram thesis and studying for the finals in one week.  it is a risk that i must take….

about thesis.. well, minimal updates while i was in iloilo… i was there to enjoy… well , i enjoyed too much that i forgot i still have to do thesis.. eheh

story2 on vacation later after class… well, its just about the graduations.. dates… foods and feasts and play…. hehe

Dota All Stars Map 6.43b

Official release –Download Dota All Stars Map 6.43b

Fixed Broken Link hehe

Download dota 6.43b

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Net less

i dont know what happened but for some reasons we have no telephone lines… some jackass stole our lines again… darn… now im just using dlsu net…. yey… haha

Study Plans for Comparc

Well, due to synergy global (lame excuse of mine haha) and not studying much on forwarding, i failed my first exam in comparc… now thats a big OUCH! oh yeah, thanks to ultranerds for helping me in the topics… haha
so now, i have to study…. here are the topics for the second exam

  • Scoreboarding – I am now familiar…
  • Tomasulo
  • Weighted Mean – I think i have a grasp of this…
  • Geometric Mean
  • To be discovered
  • To be discovered

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