He Is My Master

Sawatari Izumi and her little sister, Mitsuki, ran away from home. In order to look for part-time jobs, they wandered around the town. However, all the shop owners refused to hire them.Then, they happened to see a poster looking for resident housekeepers. It was done by Nakabayashi Yoshitaka who had lost his parents in the accident, and he became quite alone. Being sympathized with him, they were going to be help him.However, Yoshitaka is very pervert person who had a cosplay fetish. He made them wear obscene maid uniforms. Izumi got angry, while Mitsuki enjoyed wearing them. Yoshiki started to enjoy being a master. Then, a pet crocodile which liked girls appeared… (Anidb)

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Personal Thoughts… Updated as I go watching it….

This is an ecchi anime! The girls are a bit young… one was 14 years old and another one was 13 years old.. they are sisters and they ran away from home. They are going to be working as maids under this young perverted guy who lives alone in a very big estate… Ummm does it take only one year for girls to developed? The older sister seems well developed while the younger sister looks kinda flat.. haha

oh right! I have finished watching his in just one day… I cant get enough of the Ecchi madness… hohoho… too bad it ended after 12 episodes.. well, the characters of the series are…

  • Yoshitaka Nakabayashi – Orphan boy who lives in a very big mansion. He has more than enough money to spend in his whole life.. lives alone for a while until two girls came in to apply for a maid job… Talented in sewing provocative dresses in a short span of time, lots of collections of toys, anime char dolls and is ultra mega super duper perverted!
  • Izumi Sawatari – Eldest of the three sisters… After she and her younger sister Mitsuki Sawatari left home, they ended up on the Nakabayashi residence. They decided to apply to be maids while unknown to them, the master of the house has plans to use them for his cosplay fetish… She is indebted to yoshitaka since she broke a lot of very expensive stuffs in his house.. she works in order to repay her debt. She is the star of the show that gets the attention of everyone..without her, the show wont be ecchi!
  • Mitsuki Sawatari – Younger to Izumi by 1 year… She went with her older sister to run away from home because they wanted to protect something…She has the brains of a super tycoon and is silently earning lots of money by making her Izumi a net idol using the perverted pics that Yoshitaka took from Izumi… She plans to use the money to help her sister pay for her debt. All the events that happens around Izumi’s life are somehow have been planned by Mitsuki.
  • Anna Kurauchi – Classmate of Yoshitaka. She mistook Yoshitaka’s perverted actions as acts of kindness and falls in love with him. But later, she decides to change her preferences and decides to be with Izumi… Normal girl turned LESBO… she even applied to be a maid in Yoshitaka’s mansion (more cosplay fetishes for him) just to be with Izumi.. She provides the girl to girl ecchi action!
  • Pochi – Who would have thought that this is an alligator? it looks more like a hippo than an alligator.. but this is the something that Mitsuki wanted to protect.. pochi is a special type of alligator, pochi is a perverted alligator that always has heart shaped eyes every time he sees Izumi in outfits that shows a lot of skin… He runs after her like hell and tries to remove her clothes.. Pochi tastes other people as a sign of greeting, if its a male, he spits it out in the air but when its a female, pochi likes it… Lots of ecchi when pochi is around! alligator power!

It was worth watching this series… It made me laugh like hell last night… It kind of reminds me of keitaro and narusegawa of love hina where Izumi beats the hell out of Yoshitaka but Izumi is more brutal in a funny way… Also, Yoshitaka admits hes a perverted too and has lots of spy cams everywhere just to spy on them bathing, eating, and other things that they had to remove their clothes.. Oh well, next ecchi anime please!

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