Naruto… Narutard?

OMG.. this past week, most of my anime viewings were watching Naruto fillers…

Fillers – Anime show only stories. Not related to the mangaka, usually are just side stories that are not related to the main story and usually made to extend a show (make more money).

Naruto had about 85 episodes of fillers, thats more than a year! LoL, alot of narutards and naruto fanatics stopped watching the anime and hoped that the fillers will end. After stopping, some opted to read the manga to know what happens next, some started to watch other anime instead… but in my case, who cares!  I still watch them, filler or not.. Its still titled naruto and since I am not following the manga also…

Naruto rant ahead…

Oh well, I am on episode 213 already… I am an avid fan of AnimeOne fansub group and since I started watching naruto that were subbed by AnimeOne (ANBU-Aone before they split up), I decided to wait and wait even if it takes a lot of time for their releases… so they have released up to Episode 213 now. (Fillers stopped at episode 220.. so 7 more fillers to go.)

Oh yeah, I am now on episode 208… I can say, some of the fillers were good… haha the episodes I can remember now are the.. (taken from wikipedia)

  • Hidden Star Village: Episodes 178–183: Naruto rejoins Team Guy on a mission to Hoshigakure to guard a special meteorite with a mysterious power. Here he meets Sumaru, a boy who, like Naruto, is determined to become a Kage. However, many problems and secrets lie within the Hidden Star Village.
  • The Konoha 11: Episodes 197–201: An old carpenter named Gennou steals plans for important facilities in Konoha. Worried that he may be allied with someone planning on invading Konoha, Tsunade appoints Shikamaru as the leader of the ten prominent Genin to investigate the situation.
  • Kurama Clan: Episodes 203–207: Kurenai quits as Team 8 leader to take care of some old business with a former pupil.

One thing that I dont like in the feelings is that, naruto is way overated! How the hell can he take so much damage and still be able to stand up, talk trash to his opponents and beat them in a single hit? He does not even need to use the kyubii (there was a time he used that haha) Naruto is too damn powerful in these fillers eps.. haha
Oh yeah,I just learned the difference between ninjutsu and genjutsu… haha and a list can be found here (Click me narutard! haha) hehe sorry, genjutsu wasnt used much so I did not know about it.. Harem no jutsu and sexy no jutsu are genjutsu… basically, genjutsus are illutionary techniques… oh yeah while ninjutsu’s are techniques.. or special skills something

well, thats all for now, I still have an hour of naruto watching before we play basketball later.. haha


3 Responses to “Naruto… Narutard?”

  1. 1 covertopsspotted March 6, 2007 at 10:42 pm

    Naruto 2 is out you narutard

  2. 2 welchster March 7, 2007 at 10:54 am

    yep. Shippudden’s out for sometime now.

    Shippuuden (literally translated as “Hurricane Chronicles”) picks up where Naruto left off. Blissfully unaware of exactly how bad the anime fillers were, to me Shippuuden simply takes place after Jiraiya and Naruto head off into the wild to begin our protagonist’s grilling training. Hoping to grow in both power and maturity, Naruto runs off into the sunset like a happy, ninja monkey screaming with his useful bashfulness.

  3. 3 silkenhut March 7, 2007 at 6:49 pm

    I know.. but im a AnimeOne fanboy… so I wait for their releases….

    but curiousity bit me thats why i watched shippudden already using dattebayo… haha but its still anime one for archiving purposes.

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