Oruchuban Ebichu

One of the animes that I am currently watching is Ebichu! Now what the hell is this?ehhe

Most episodes follow Ebichu, a talking hamster devoted to her oft-indifferent owner, who is only identified as OL (“Office Lady”), a single 25 year old (this is the age Japanese women are considered nearing the end of the ideal marrying age) who doles out cynical commentary and the occasional beating on the rodent. Ebichu tends to take this in stride with endless praise and compliments. However, such abuse is usually caused by Ebichu’s almost

disturbing lack of tact or propriety, often embarrassing her master in front of other people.

Ebichu often attempts to correct OL’s bad decisions, such as her berating of OL’s obnoxious and untrustworthy boyfriend Ebichu nicknamed Kaishounachi (literally, Useless).

Ebichu …. ah yes, ebichu is a hamster owned by a an Old Lady (age 25… in Japan, said to be the latest age that a woman can get married or something? ) Now I can say that this anime is very ecchi… Ebichu is just a ten dollar pet housekeeper… She knows how to take and due to her big mouth, she often gets beat up by anyone.. except for someone…

For example… Old lady has guests, then suddenly Ebichu will talk about her private possessions ….Something that makes her happy… In embarassment, Old lady will do this to ebichu and also this so ebichu gets owned… Now, what happens to Ebichu? Well, usually she lays in the floor in her pool of blood and says a little comment.. scene change…

Now, the drawing here is absolutely not cool when compared to other animes… its just simple drawings but what we are after here is the humor and the things that ebichu says… she always appends the word “dechu” to her sentences and listening to her for a long time will make you irritated and roaring with laughter…

hehe I like I like.. especially some of the jokes here…. haha but a word of caution, some words are explicit and sometimes they do show sexual acts… but what they show is not explicit as to call it hentai… its still a joke.. hehe oh well, gonna talk about my other currently watching series, magikano…





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