Study Plans for Comparc

Well, due to synergy global (lame excuse of mine haha) and not studying much on forwarding, i failed my first exam in comparc… now thats a big OUCH! oh yeah, thanks to ultranerds for helping me in the topics… haha
so now, i have to study…. here are the topics for the second exam

  • Scoreboarding – I am now familiar…
  • Tomasulo
  • Weighted Mean – I think i have a grasp of this…
  • Geometric Mean
  • To be discovered
  • To be discovered

Scoreboarding… basically i need a pencil for this because i need to write/ erase instead of writing the scoreboard x times where x is the number of cycles in the program segment.. hmm it has four parts, then 9 Functional register thingy and registers… hohoho

on the execution stage, set the “can i read you mr register flag? (Rj, Rk)” to NO… i dont know why but thats in the example… must be careful on the writeback, can i read you mr register flags are updated… turns to YES..

In order of fetching instructions while out of order execution.. so later instructions may finish earlier as long as there are no hazards.. like war..rar.. roar.. oh yeaha

————– blah blah blah…

weighted mean… need calculator here….

Column A Column B Column C
p1 1 10 20
p2 1000 100 20C
  • First need to know which column is the reference (column a for example)..
  • then get X … X is just umm summation of the all 1/values of column
    x = 1/1 + 1/1000 –> 1.001
  • multiply X to each value of column a and inverse it, call that new column, “the new column”
    1 / (1 * 1.001) = 0.999
    1 / (1000 * 1.001) = 0.001 (the sum of all the values of the new column MUST be 1)
  • now match “the new column” to reference column
    multiply 0.999 to all the first row values while u multiply 0.001 to the second row values
  • Add the values per columns.. and you have weighted mean.. yeah! thanks to ultranerd lorenz for the teachings…


geometric mean… darn this..

arithmetic mean is just the average of all values
harmonic mean is the inverse of arithmetic mean (source  lorenz)


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