Onij Nba Live – Law Team Vs Allen Team

Hi there everyone, today I would like to blog about the NBA live 2007 fantasy matchups between Allen team and Law team… so far, two games has been held and both teams stand at 1win and 1 lose apiece…

Game Summary ::

Game 1 :: Chicago (allen team) lost to Washington (law team) by a score of 69-78…
Game 2 :: Chicago owns Washington by a whooping score of 72 – 57

How this matchup started…

Allen was asking law for an nba game since Onij knew that Law was secretly training everyday in nba… with Law’s new acquisition of Dwayne Wade, his lineup has improved and with constant individual practice using Michael Redd, Allen was curious on Law’s improvement… Allen asked for the game and Law declined, stating he needs a stronger center to fight against Allen’s centers… and then, Allen had an idea, how about a handicap match vs law team… Allen declared that he wont use his centers namely Amare, Pau and Ben.. and Law Agreed. So its gametime!


Lalen (3/28/2007 10:31:44 AM): nba>
Ultranerd_Lawrence (3/28/2007 10:32:51 AM): nxt tym hehe
Lalen (3/28/2007 10:33:13 AM): i wont use amare and gasol?
Lalen (3/28/2007 10:34:04 AM): nba haah i use weaker centers ahah no amare, gasol and ben?
Ultranerd_Lawrence (3/28/2007 10:34:24 AM): lol
Ultranerd_Lawrence (3/28/2007 10:34:25 AM): cge
Ultranerd_Lawrence (3/28/2007 10:34:28 AM): mya konti

Here are the stats of my players…

Game 1

First Game highlights…

Without unstoppable centers Gasol and Amare, Allen was not to be afraid of. Kidd who he’s proud of made only 1 out of 8 shots, Ray allen the 3 pt shooter wasn’t even able to hit any treys. Law pitied these big names getting shamed coz of the user, so he showed him the way to use small men lineup, with Redd, Iverson shooting non stop, and Wade dunking in front of helpless Okafor.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter was a close fight but then Allen couldn’t keep up with Law’s aggresiveness during the 4th. He started to panic and shot carelessly. Law knew he was winning, but was merciless and literally stopped Allen’s offense. Nash the MVP felt bad that he wasn’t needed so he came off the bench this time, he was running wild and shooting like crazy making 10 out of the 20 pts in that quarter. In the end, Law wins and celebrates by taking a screenie of his player’s stats.

Game 2

Second Game highlights

Allen knows that he cant afford to lose this game. He does not want Law to say that he cant win without his centers. The game started slow for Chicago… Washington was attacking and defending like mad through the leadership of Iverson. It seemed that Ray Allen and Jason Kidd cant make their shots while Redd was shooting and Wade was dunking… Kidd was making unnecessary turnovers like losing the ball to Iverson’s defense. Washington grabbed an early lead that made the score 17 – 12. Allen was intimidated for a second and said, “this is bad! we might lose again! I cant bare the shame!” Sensing their leader’s despair, the Chicago players started to defend better and score more on fastbreaks… Wilcox scored most of his 8 points in the first quarter and he and Okafor were receiving passes in the post and dunking for the score! With Washington having a three point lead and time winding down, ray allen tried to shoot for the tie but he missed… so at the end of the first quarter, Washington leads 19-16.

Second quarter starts and Allen changed his lineup, he now has Okafor, Richardson, Howard, Allen and Hughes, and this seemed like the better lineup as Chicago attacked the basket mercilessly against Washington… Most of the points of Chicago came from dunks. Also, Chicago’s defense stepped up and steals were abundant… Wade, Iverson and Redd tried to rally their team and even with Wade dunking over Okafor, that wasnt enough to stop Chicago from dunking them back. At halftime, Chicago leads35-28.

At the second half, Kidd enters the game for Hughes but still the same, defense and dunking spree… Washington was desperately looking for an answer.. and to add to Washington’s sadness, Wade got injured… Although Allen did not see how wade got injured, Chicago thought it was just a substitution by Billups to Wade. So the dunking spree continued and Washington was unable to counter…Also take note that Ray Allen started to hit his jumpers but still he was cold for tonight… the game was a blowout already at the end of third quarter…. and to add more insult to the opponent, Allen decided to let his bench play, Childress, Hughes, Wilcox, G. Wallace came into play with Ray Allen. At the end, Washington got owned… Washington kept on fighting and even had two three point shots made at the end of the game, one was from Billups and one from Redd near half court.

So what can Allen say for his team’s win against Law, “OWNAGE! I won even without my centers…

How about Law?
Ultranerd_Lawrence: pano ba maginbound steal? haha dun ako nalugi a. dami pa turnovers. d hell. plus wade got injured
Lalen: i stand in front of ur player and press steal2, na injure xa? dko na pansin haaha. akala ko sinub mo lg hahaa
Ultranerd_Lawrence: yep kya di ko na magamit haha

So was it because Wade got injured thats why Law lost? Hmmm, Also Allen observed something good, “mas lumakas team ko sa defense pag small lineup ah. sobrang bilis tpos dunk on u (Law)” and for Law, he realized something too, “must learn how to use my other players, i rely too much on my 1st five e.” Would that mean that he will have to train individually how to use his other players?

Game three will be set sometime this week or next week. It depends.

Well, as a final note, here’s Law

Ultranerd_Lawrence: i hate dat game


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