One Day in boracay

Hooray! Just arrived back at from Boracay, we went there yesterday and returned today.. and due to some booboos, i am now burnt red from swimming.. but let me tell story first…

How it started… When i was told that there is a one day trip to boracay, at first i declined since i was thinking, it is just for one day and the travel would be tiring.. not worth it.. but two days before the trip, I changed my mind and decided to go to boracay… since if i did not go, i would be here at home doing nothing… alone..

So, we went there sunday morning, i woke up at 330am and slept till 345am, then took a half bath and got ready… we left for boracay, then we realized my bag isnt there in the car.. we were already at LaPaz(1 kilometer from home? i dont know hehe) so we went back and got it.. my bad.. hehe so off we go again and ride again, it was about 430am that we departed…

Places … The places in iloilo that we passed were the city itself, jaro, leganes, pototan, etc… cant remember.. dumarao, then left iloilo, mambusao,  then to Capiz, … then to Kalibo, Aklan… then to caticlan where you ride boat to go to boracay island… going home, we used the antique route.. there was san jose, many provinces then san juaquin in iloilo then miagao, guimbal, tigbawan, oton, arevalo then back to the city… due to this, in short, we had a round trip around the whole island of panay in just one day and a half.. so cool…

When i woke up before the trip, my nose was already stuffy and runny.. signs of allergies… perhaps it was the very cold room that triggered it.. and while in the vehicle, i was sneezing like mad.. there was a time that they were counting how many times i sneezed consecutively, nice game to pass away the time… lol .. my allergies were still there when we reached  Kalibo (aklan) which was like 8am+ in the morning.. enduring almost four hours of allergies… then we ate at jolibee for breakfast and i took a Claritin capsule, but it had no effect on me.. im immune to it already i guess, so the next idea was to buy iterax.. so off we went to caticlan, one hour from kalibo… usually the trip from iloilo to boracay is like 4-5hours, we took about 5hours since we had a long breakfast… ^_^

So there, in boracay, i was amazed so many things have changed since the last time i went there.. which was like when i was in high school…. 6-8years ago.. hehe it already had this one entry-one exit thingy, before we can just ride a boat and land anywhere on the island, now you can just enter and exit the island in one port… which made it hard for those living far away from the port to go out.. well, its more secure that way… hehe so we went to this place called fairways and bluewater… cool.. big room and fully furnished.. i like it.. so there… i was texting dayi(aklan girl) and harry(boracay boy), both my pisaywv classmates, to meet up in boracay since dayi was going there with her family for one day and harry lives there…

Upon arriving in boracay, we went to the place to rest, eat lunch and relax.. later in the afternoon, we went out to go out… actually, in the trip,iwas the only dude in my generation..there was the ancients generation and the younger generation… hehe.. the younger generation went out for a swim while me and the ancients went out to explore… i met harry in dmol.. and seperated with the ancients.. hehe, and later we met with dayi… we were convincing dayi to stay for another night but to no avail.. so later, dayi went home and harry was touring me… it was soo darn hot man.. i cant look straight because of the heat..i was just looking at the sand and its still hard for my eyes.. just plain torture… hehe we walked a lot and after a few minutes..or was it an hour, harry told me to try Jonas fruitshake, which he claims is the best in the island… well, for 75 a shake,it was very good… it was chunky for a shake.. not the usual ice+powder+milk+blendyou combo.. well, ice and blend you combo was still there but it was good…so after that, i went home…

swimming time! me, mama and papa wore the bathrobes in the room..we were like karate people, wearing the same thing.. and walking down to the swimming pool.. swimming 2…. then dinner.. and i was tired…. that when i touched the bed, it felt like a magnet. holding me down… resistance fading.. doors open once in a while, the lights on.. off. on .. off off.. yeah and it was morning…

morning came,and i thought it was late already, but it was just 730am,… it was very bright.. hehe so out i go and people had already eaten a late comer.. still i ate and got money to buy souvenirs and stuffs… so off we go again to buy2… and after buy2 we went to the beach and swim2… swim2 was good.. we stayed for about 1 and 1/2 hour and when we returned, they all had lunch already… so i made bath2 and made fast2 eat2 the food… then packed everything and left boracay… back to caticlan then back to iloilo…..

While in the ride back to iloilo, i was doing some stretches then ifelt a sharp pain my back… SUNBURN! omg… it so painful that it hurt. why did i get it? i did not wear sunblock and i was swimming in the beach at 1030am to 12pm… the pain.. the agony..arriving here at home, i went to my room and went to look at my back at the mirror…. so burnt red.. and i guess darker than yesterday… oh well, will not go out from the house for a while…

…boracay had a lot of babes.. so cool.. if only i had the endurance to raise my eyes even when its hot.. my eyes were not used to the heat… oh well… there are next times.. hehe i will not go out for one week! regeneration time… i slip now, coz i slipy..


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