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Back in Iloilo with rant

Yey me back at Iloilo at the end of May… Felt good to be back…

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One Piece

One piece

This is the anime im currently watching. Im on episode 154 now and so far, Iv loved it.. based on, they have 310+ episodes… that means I still have a long way to go.. hehe

Get One Piece from Kaizoku Fansubs. =) I love their work…

As of now, I can say that One piece is very enjoyable… lots of funny scenes, little drama scenes and lots of action! If you like naruto, then i think you would like this… it’s shounen, comedy, adventure ..  It also has a good soundtrack. I liked the OP and ED songs… I will really finish this for now… hehe

Enrollment tom

Bash told me today that we have to enroll tom because if we enroll at a later date, we would have to incur additional fees… Of course we dont want that… but we dont know yet what to enroll…. ^_^ haha

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Feeling Lazy

Darn I feel lazy but my goal for today is to read a thesis , the automated essay evaluator… Hopefully i can finish reading it… ^_^

When can i go home to Iloilo? darn delays… need to enroll and go home fast. hehe

Happy Birthday to Allen and Aiko!

Today, May 22 2007, is a day of celebrations…

  • Allen Michael Gurrea (me! yey!) celebrates his 21st birthday;
  • Heshynee Mae Aiko Tabata (her! haha) celebrates her 18th birthday;
  • Together, they celebrate their first anniversary as a couple!!!

To everyone,

Thank you, <Insert name here>! This is to confirm that your greeting has been received and has been greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

The greeters… hehe a big thanks to all of you!


>>My parents (mama & papa), my sister, Bong G, Tita Yvonne, Tita Sally, Yokyok, Gabi, tita ivy, fern, pilbin, eyngkong, porky

>>Andrew, Bash, Ellen, Karen, Paxi&Law gay didnt say anything, Deryk (cow!), Kat (butaqueen hehe), Min, those datacraft people thingy, Edel, Haiyan

>>James, Jenny, Beverly, KR, Darl, Harry, Annia, Jet, Katwyn, Lyza

>>Mabel Lora, Ligaya, Bing2, Elmer, Dude from PAL Mabuhay Miles Information, Dodoy, Ruben and company… Tito Roni

>>Hyipsensor, Hongfire, GlobalGoldTalk, hyipsurftalk, talkgold, Animesuki

I’m still alive

Still alive here.. even though our tour has ended, we are still here in Los Angeles California staying at family friends’ houses… We will be moving to Chicago tom, friday to Tita Annie’s place… hehe Continue reading ‘I’m still alive’

US Tour Ending

So ends our tour… this is our last night at our hotel and perhaps the last time we see our tour mates… Oh well, we had fun together and it was a successful tour! Thanks Pan Pacific… Thanks Everyone! Yehey!

My plans here for the blog is to add a table of contents and perhaps pictures for the tour… I’ll start with our group pictures! Guess who the hell I am… hehe

Our whole group in the tour

Kids? No, the teens with our tour guide at the far right…


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