Day 1 – Honululu!

April 26 GMT -10 Honolulu

The first day of our US west coast tour 2007!

We landed at about 735am GMT -10, that’s like 1am in our local time in the Philippines. We gained one day but due to my watch still not set to Hawaii Time, I’m looking at 1am the next day which is March 27. My brain is telling me that I should be sleeping at this time however it is already morning. First thing that we did was go to the immigration where this dude got our passports, made us scan our two pointing fingers and got a snapshot of us (I wonder why porky got exempted from this). Next thing to do is to get our baggage, we got some pushcarts and we waited for a long time before we got our baggage.

Outside we went, and met with our fellow tourists. First thing that caught our eyes were the numerous limousines parked outside. Seeing a chance like that, the people, ehem, from the Philippines rushed to it and got pictures and videos of themselves and the limo as the background while it is still parked. FYI, the limousines are for hire for those sossy and rich people. Our tour guide for Hawaii also met with us and gave each one of us those pink flower necklaces called ley. More picturing frenzy again by the same group of people. After a while we got on the bus and went on our way.

Our tour guide is a Taiwan-born-but-grew-up-in-Hawaii dude, although he still has a Chinese kind of accent. He likes to make jokes especially about looking for a partner to marry, hitting on every girl on the bus, teenagers, mothers and even grandmothers! Wahaha! I don’t have the energy to laugh at his jokes because I’m sleepy and tired.

Our first destination was a place where we can see a beach and some mountains. Terry, our tour guide, explained that Hawaii was created from volcanoes under the sea. It has 1000+ islands, 6k short of the Philippines. ^_^ the beach was very clean and as Terry explained, the amount of guests in that place is limited and strictly monitored. That is to preserve the beach and especially the corals. One unique thing there is that, there’s this mountain area that looks like a dinosaur? More like an alligator with a head, front legs and a big body plus a tail. Well, I imagined it that way but it does look like and alligator. Next stop, is the blowhole. This is the place where you can find rocks with some holes on it that sometimes water sprouts out of the holes depending on the wind speed and current. We were able to witness some water being blown out of the hole, similar to a hot spring. Upon returning to the bus, I started to doze off… Terry was explaining things which I can here but I don’t understand since I’m 75% asleep already.

Our next stop was the Chinese restaurant for lunch. Honestly, I did not enjoy it much… It was very veggied! The first dish was soup. Then veggies… then veggies with pork (supposed to be pork with veggies but there were more veggies than pork) then veggies with chicken, then steamed fish with sauce and maho tofu (I don’t remember the name but I think this was one of the dishes made by Mao in Cooking master boy anime, early episodes where a contest between him and his mother’s subordinate before for the title of cook in their place) I ate using chopsticks even if there was availability of spoon and fork, it was … self training!

Now we back to our hotel, and too bad the rooms were not yet ready since usual check in time was 300pm. So we headed for the lounge and most of us fell asleep. I was awaken a bit later since the rooms were ready, so we headed to the rooms and I slept again only to wake up at 415 since my sister’s alarm went off. Freshened up and went down for the scheduled meeting at 5pm.

Our next destination was this place where we eat dinner and there was this dinner show. We just walked our way to the place and upon arriving there, we saw this very long line. It is the number of people who were ahead of our group waiting for the place to be opened. Fast forwarding… We started to eat our dinner, it was an eat-all-you-can buffet but most (if not all) of the people have enough time to make their plates full since the line was very long and the buffet starts at 6pm and ends at about 7pm to let the people be ready for the show. I was lucky to be able to get my dessert before they closed the dinning part. Now on the show, they showcased a lot of tribal dances, lots of jumping and howling by the presentators and of course, lots of hip grinding and butt shaking moves by the lady performers. At first it was entertaining, but due to the dark atmosphere and repetitive stuff they did, I started to fall asleep and only regained my energy at the last performer. The fire dancing guy, he was playing with fire on a stick like a marguerite and doing tricks such as eating the fire, eating the fire and transferring it to an unlit stick, holding the fire with his legs and other stunts he did. He made some errors but overall it was good. After the presentation, we went back on our own and made some stops on the stores and back to the hotel.

My sister and I tried to gain wifi access here in the hotel but to no avail. That’s is why im writing this now on word and will be posting it when I get the chance to be on the net. Time check in the Philippines, 5pm March 27, here 11pm March 26.


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