Day 2

April 27, 2007 GMT -10

The phone rings for our morning call. It was nearly 6am and I felt that I have just fallen asleep. I was very sleepy, good thing I’m the third in the bathroom queue. So after the bath, we went down for breakfast. Breakfast menu was bacon, ham, egg then rice, add bread, fruits such pineapple and papaya and this chocolate thingy dessert. Off to the trip!

First destination was pearl harbor. (history check … this place got owned by Japanese attack on December 7, 1941 sparking the US-Japan war). It is now a memorial park for the biggest ship of their fleet that was sunk by the Japanese, the USS Arizona. The place is strictly guarded and no bags except for those little camera bags are allowed. So we went it and got tickets, #9. As you can see, they have a little program for the tourists. First was a little movie that showcase the causes of the Japanese attack then the attack itself, then ride a boat heading to where the USS Arizona has sunk. After watching the movie, I saw how the attack was made and it was kinda cool. Usually you see this in games such as command and conquer, but this was in real life. The Japanese sailed from Asia to pearl harbor undetected and when the Americans detected them, it was already too late and the attack has began. Fighters planes, attack planes cant remember them planes.. dive bombers, aircraft carriers then submarines attacking the us fleet consisting of battleships. Anyways, we rode the boat to the burial ground of USS Arizona. We saw the remnants of the ship and the parts of the ship that was still visible from the sea. There was also this place where oil still leaks until now! It was like 60 years ago and oil still leaks! Ok let’s move on…

Next place, Pali Lookout. It was a lookout. Very windy and the view was very nice. You can see mountains, the sea with different colored water due to the temperature, cities and other islands. Cool! We were playing around the slopes and imagining that we were flying due to the strong winds. Ok next stop was the only palace in hawaii, we just spent nearly five minutes there and then we went to a Korean restaurant for some Korean barbeque. Reminds us of our Korea tour last year. You get raw marinated food and you cook it yourself in a little place in the middle of the table, I don’t know what you call it.

Our next destination was the shopping area where the only thing I bought was a “polarized” sunglass from sunglass king. CD-R king type of stall? Haha Well, the sunglass were imitations and it was just $17 or P600 for a cool looking sunglass. The only thing missing was the brand name, but its ok, who cares about brand names anyways. Then Home – Dinner – Duty Free – Home sleep. I experienced my first rainfall here in Honolulu, first a light shower after dinner but a strong rain after duty free. Btw, dinner was good, it was a Chinese type of restaurant. We started with a herbal type of soup, followed by Peking duck (I like!), Fish fillet (I like!), Sweet and sour pork (I like!), Tausi veggies(Ignore!), Sizzling Chicken (I like!), Petchay thingy (Ignore!) then dessert, sago with “gata” or something.

In the hotel, we fixed our things and prepare to sleep. As usual im blogging our day, well, still on word because we don’t have net. Listening to music! Oh yeah, Aiko texted me 10 times this morning and I just replied once (expensive to text) oh well, at least there is some communication once in a while and not total silence.


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