Day 6 – San Francisco Tour 2

May 01, 2007 GMT -10 San Francisco

San Francisco is a very cool city. The temperature here stays cold all year round. It is due because it is very near from the bay and surrounded by mountains. It is also from a mountainous area turned into a city and you can see that the roads are going up and down. Oh well, here is for our tour today…

More… The day started very cold for me. When I woke up, I was very cold, shivering and hugging the pillow for warmth that I didnt get. After my bath, I was shivering like hell deep inside. It was so cold and we were already late for the 830am meeting time. Late or not, I think they will still wait for us, the others in the tour too I mean… hehe

Our breakfast was at a Chinese restaurant which served us food that was like an appetizer. We were surprised that it was over already, soup, dimsum (chicken feet and tenderloin tips) and “lumpia shanghai”. Very not filling I say. Anyways, our destination for today was a boat tour of San Francisco in the morning, lunch then optional tour by our tour guide free of charge! Let’s talk about the boat tour.

We went to pier 39 and it was very very cold in there. I was shivering even if I had my jacket on. Our tour guide got us tickets and left us for a bit of time to shop and take pictures. We did that and later, our trip started. We rode this boat that was small compared to a big luxury cruise ship near us. I want to ride a luxury cruise after seeing it. Our first sight was a lot of seals talking seal to us. They said, “uh uh uh”, in different pitches. Then we were brought to the bottom of golden gate bridge, a sight that commuters of the bridge do not usually see. There was a narration on how golden gate bridge was built and the middle part of the bridge, +———+, as shown here as the spaces in my drawing are just held by suspension bridges. No bases were built to support the middle as it was already very deep and San Francisco has shark infested waters. Very cool engineering and it was built nearly in the early 1930’s. Then our boat passed by Alcatraz, the island known to be a prison for the criminals of the criminals. I mean, the best of the criminals. (Side story: in one of the X-men movies, Magneto used Golden Gate Bridge to reach Alcatraz to attempt to reach that child that makes mutants lose their power when they are near him and also the source of the “cure” for the mutant disease.) Alcatraz now is a tourist spot.

After the boat trip, we bought souvenirs’; I have a new T-shirt themed Alcatraz. Lunchtime! Another Chinese restaurant, I liked the food this time. We started with soup again. Then, rice, sweet and sour pork, fried fish, veggies, beef with veggies, shrimp and oranges for dessert. End of lunchtime and back to the hotel again, we had a little rest and went on a side quest (not in the schedule)

We walked to the where the cable car was located and rode it till we reach someplace i dont know where.  It is home to the claimed “crookedest” rode in the world, it was a downhill road that is shaped like S over and over again. Luxury cars passed by us while we were talking pictures, there was even one who purposedly stopped in front of us beeping on his BMW. We gave way and he laughed at us while he passed us, we laughed back at him hehe. Then we walked down the road, the pedestrian lane is a straight downhill walk unlike the road itself. Our next stop was fisherman’s wharf, a place where you can buy souveniers and food. We bought from a nearby coffee shop drinks. I felt stupid after buying the drinks, it was already very cold outside and I bought Iced Mocha. Very nice, I was cold inside out. After that, we rode a bus to a place I forgot the name, it was a port then subway back to the hotel.

More free time for us, we went to a store called Macy’s for women and I saw girl stuffs. My mother bought somethings for herself and I was itching to go to Macy’s for men. Later my sister and I were at Macy’s for men and we were able to find a super bargain. And instant buy… we wanted to go to Ross dress for less but it was already closed so we just went to old navy, then bought dinner and went home. Dinner at the hotel and now im writing this entry in the blog first then pack my things later and sleep.

Ok, so thats my report for today… I have not posted my day 3, it was already in my laptop, day 4 was just a summary needs more details and day 5 was incomplete… still a lot of backlog… -_- but i promise to finish it.


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