Day 3

April 28, 2007 GMT -15 Honolulu to Las Vegas

            There was no morning activity schedule. So here, we had more time to rest and sleep late, just over an hour more than yesterday. We left the hotel at about 10am then had lunch in a Chinese restaurant. It was a buffet and I just ate a little because we had a late breakfast. One good thing there was the ice cream maker and I did not get to enjoy it because my teeth is sooo sensitive to cold.. darn.. Anyways, today the only thing in our schedule is to go to Las Vegas, about five hours from honululu.

            On the airport, we tried for internet access. There was a wifi spot but we need to pay a fee in order to use it. My sister was able to use the wifi using here ipass thingy what da hell is that from hp or p&g? Unfair! Fast forwarding on the flight… The flight was very long and it was scary, there were lots of shaking and there was even one that made us nearly jump from our seats. Our tour guide explained that sometimes there are air packets in the air that upon collision with them, it will make the airplane rattle and roll. Sometimes, the pilot decides to avoid these air packets by dropping a bit of the plane’s altitude for a split second and that sudden drop causes the sudden-jump-from-our-seats feeling. The whole flight was shaky most of the time. We arrived at Las Vegas at about 1230am in the morning. Flight time was five hours and Las Vegas as a +3 hours advantage from Honululu so that’s three hours gone.

            Las Vegas was full of lights. Lots of hotels around and these hotels are very huge. The hotels span many buildings and usually take up a whole block. They are also based on themes; some of themes were Europe, Japan, Greece, etc… But the tour of that is tomorrow so more details tomorrow. Upon arrival to the hotel, there was a slight delay in our sleep but we managed to sleep. Tiring day tomorrow, we’ll be doing a side quest (optional trip) to one of the eight wonders of the world.


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