Day 4

April 29, 2007 GMT -10

Our side quest is a tour of the Grand Canyon, one of the eight wonders of the world. The schedule was; bus picks us up, we fly to Arizona, have some tour by land, lunch and then return all the way to our hotel. So after having a hearty breakfast of toast, bacon and eggs (there was hash brown but I don’t like it), we went to the airport. There were lots of little planes, about 25 people in capacity only and looks scary. Off to the flight…

The flight started with the propellers starting turning as fast as they can then slowing down then accelerating again. Since the plane was small, the propellers were only a few meters from us. I imagined that if I jumped from the window, I’m sure to get chopped to bits by the propeller. Later, the plane started to move and like the usual airplane take off sequence, it gathers speed and flies. The ride felt like the same as the normal sized airplane but it was shakier, meaning scarier! As the plane was flying to Arizona, there was a narration of the several landscapes on the way. First to be mentioned was the dam, then the Colorado River, the rocks and other science lessons on how the Grand Canyon was created. As for the lessons, Grand Canyon was under the sea a long time ago, billions of years ago, and it rose up due to the moving of the earth’s plates. Add some weathering, and other land shaping forces of nature and you have the Grand Canyon. It has several layers that dates back to different times and it is very vast. After and hour or so we landed in Arizona, the landing was very bad. It was shaky and scared the hell outta me.

At landing in Arizona, we were taken into a bus ride to two viewpoints of the Canyon. Here we can see Grand Canyon in a land perspective or in a nearer view. It was just pieces of rocks man! Then we had the lunch, it was a very weird lunch buffet. There were lots of vegetables, tasteless beef jerky, baked macaroni, spicy soup and other weird stuffs. I forced myself to eat them just to make myself full but I realized it was a big mistake later on. The next activity was the flight back to Las Vegas. Now this was the mistake I was talking about. We are about to take a flight and we had just taken our lunch. Also the plane was shaky since it’s small, possible headaches and vomiting can occur. Well, it happened to me. The flight coming to Arizona was just shaky at the end part but the flight back to Las Vegas was shaky all through out. I tried to sleep my way into it but my fear of heights overcame it so I can’t sleep. Add the shaking sensation and constant view of the bottom gave me an headache. A few minutes later, I can feel the urge rising and I grabbed the bag meant for that one purpose. I vomited on it like hell; I literally emptied my stomach on that bag. Although my stomach was empty, I still was vomiting and it hurt in the chest trying to vomit something I don’t have. On the way down, I was asking myself, when will this stop? I’m tired, sleepy, and weak and everything you can think. Few minutes later we landed and to the trashcan flew the bag of wonders. End of side quest.

We were shuttled back to our hotel and I slept for one hour. Our meeting for the tour was an one later and I was still tired after that near one hour sleep. We had dinner in a Chinese restaurant but I forgot already what the food was. Our Las Vegas tour was scheduled in the night because at night, Las Vegas becomes a different city. At daytime, it looks like a ghost town with little people going out but at night, it becomes a city of lights and all the people comes out to eat, gamble and do other stuffs.

After dinner we were taken into a magic show. It was awesome! It was the first time I ever saw a magic show live and I can say it looks more unbelievable when it is live since when on TV you can just say it’s a camera trick. He made a lot of illusions like making three individual rings chain together, slicing all the cards in the deck except for the card the audience chose by shaking the box with cards and a razor on it, turning a hundred dollar bill into a dollar and back and other tricks. The best tricks were his sudden disappearance and appearance out of nowhere and the best appearance was turning the little toy airplane into a real airplane on stage!

After the show we were taken to the Old Las Vegas to await the light show. Basically, the light show is where they display a lot of lights above. However, these lights are not just blinking lights, there are a lot of lights above us synchronizing to form images and animation. It lasted for about 10 minutes but it was very good. Nice light show. Our next stop was on one of the numerous theme hotels of Las Vegas, Caesar’s Palace. Each of the theme hotels have shows on them and we were able to watch the show on Caesar’s Palace. It was about Atlantis… I was wondering what Atlantis had to do with Caesar or something hehe Next hotel was Bellagio where we can see a flower garden (not interesting for me) and it’s fountain show with music. Water sprouts out of the holes and they dance (sway-sway) depending on the music. After two hotels, we went home to sleep… Off to San Francisco tomorrow!


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