Day 5

April 30, 2007 GMT -15 Las Vegas to San Francisco

I don’t want to wake up! I am so tired from yesterday’s activities but I have no choice. We have a plane to catch going to San Francisco. There is a saying that, “I left my heart at San Francisco”, will I also say the same after having the tour here? We’ll see.

On the airport, we tried to get wifi and lucky me because there was free wifi access. So I was able to check friendster, mail and mail, and post some of these stuffs in the document to the blog. San Francisco…The atmosphere here is cool. It is cold but there is sunlight, the wind brings cold air. Our first stop was city hall. As usual it is so big. Across the city hall is the public library. Our tour guide said that you can make a buy and sell business using the books that the library sells. Outdated books are sold at low prices and you can sell this at other countries for a higher price or the regular price. The books that other countries use are sometimes already branded as outdated here so you still have a market.

Next stop was a church. Short stop and we went to twin peaks. Here in twin peaks you can see the whole San Francisco from atop. Windy and very cold, some picture taking and we are again on the go. Next, golden gate park, lots of flowers… I did not bother to go down to take pictures instead I stayed on the bus to clean my laptop screen. It is already very dirty because it has not been cleaned for a long time. Cleaning I go while they are busy taking pictures. Well, taking pictures with flowers as background were not my fancy.

We were then taken to a special community. (Somewhere G-Lo can live in peace) It’s the gay community in San Francisco. They have this colorful rainbow flag that signifies their territory just like how animals pee in places they mark their own. Gay stores, gay movies in theaters, gay stuff in gay stores, gay marriages, gay land. There were also some straight people but most are gay. After passing through the gay community, we were taken to a view of the golden gate bridge. It was a bridge built in the 1930s and it was just held by suspension cables. Very nice to look at and while we were there taking pictures, it was very cold! The breeze was like a huge air con blowing through you. Next we went to a place where artist like to draw their pictures. You can see nice views where artist can draw as their painting. More picture taking and then we had dinner at another Chinese restaurant. I forgot the food there already. Then we went to the hotel, to my amazement, there was free wifi through my sister’s Ipass, so blog updates and chikka texting with Aiko hehe.


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