Day 7

May 02, 2007 GMT -10 Los Angeles

Today was just a simple day. We just flew from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Here is what happened…

Our morning started a bit slower since there was no schedule in the morning. It was free time so we planned to shop at Ross for a little while before we went to the airport. We arrived there a few minutes before opening time so we were standing outside the shop. When it opened, we flooded in and looked at the things for sale. There were a lot of cheap stuff there. We were told that most of the stuffs there were clearance stuff, old stocks and other things that are not sold in shops due to some reasons, and that explains their cheap stuff. The tags were saying, original prize and compare with Ross price. It was very cheap there. Too bad we only had one hour to shop so I was not able to pick anything out of the many selections hahaa.

In the airport, it was the same thing, same security checks and stuffs. Our flight was delayed a bit so to waste time I was watching One Piece on my laptop. We also bought some food at burger king for our meals. The flight from San Francisco to Los Angels was surprisingly very fast. I thought it was at least one hour and thirty minutes but it only took us one hour. There was also free headphones there so we can listen to the radio. One of the stations there were playing the latest hits and I was familiar of them all. Very nice!

Here comes LA… here at LA, most of the roads where highways. Once you make a wrong turn, you have to go a long way before you can come back. It was an expressway with lots of exits. One thing about LA is that, there are a lot of vehicles and most of the vehicles only have one person on them, the driver. That causes traffic since it was like one person-one vehicle correspondence. There was also carpool lanes where only vehicles with more than one person may be able to use. Luckily we were on a tour and there were twenty one of us so we used the carpool lane to avoid some traffic (some traffic were unavoidable so once in a while we get stuck).

We had dinner and we went to the hotel. Crowne Plaza Resort at Anaheim. I think it’s gonna be fun here at LA. Disneyland, Universal Studios and Sea World was on our schedule for the next few days.


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