Happy Birthday to Allen and Aiko!

Today, May 22 2007, is a day of celebrations…

  • Allen Michael Gurrea (me! yey!) celebrates his 21st birthday;
  • Heshynee Mae Aiko Tabata (her! haha) celebrates her 18th birthday;
  • Together, they celebrate their first anniversary as a couple!!!

To everyone,

Thank you, <Insert name here>! This is to confirm that your greeting has been received and has been greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

The greeters… hehe a big thanks to all of you!


>>My parents (mama & papa), my sister, Bong G, Tita Yvonne, Tita Sally, Yokyok, Gabi, tita ivy, fern, pilbin, eyngkong, porky

>>Andrew, Bash, Ellen, Karen, Paxi&Law gay didnt say anything, Deryk (cow!), Kat (butaqueen hehe), Min, those datacraft people thingy, Edel, Haiyan

>>James, Jenny, Beverly, KR, Darl, Harry, Annia, Jet, Katwyn, Lyza

>>Mabel Lora, Ligaya, Bing2, Elmer, Dude from PAL Mabuhay Miles Information, Dodoy, Ruben and company… Tito Roni

>>Hyipsensor, Hongfire, GlobalGoldTalk, hyipsurftalk, talkgold, Animesuki


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Allen and Aiko!”

  1. 1 majuro May 22, 2007 at 10:45 pm

    congratulations… and happy candle & cakes day!!! ^_^’

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