Enrollment tom

Bash told me today that we have to enroll tom because if we enroll at a later date, we would have to incur additional fees… Of course we dont want that… but we dont know yet what to enroll…. ^_^ haha

The schedule is below…


SY 2007-08, Term 1

Start of Classes                                                  23 May

Last Day of Dropping of Courses

100% refund                                                   22 May

90% refund                                                  29 May

80% refund                                                  05 Jun

Non-coursework Enrollment in

Residency                                                      22 Mar to 05 Jun

Special Class                                                 23 May to 05 Jun

Thesis/Dissertation Writing (All)                       23 May to 05 Jun

Final Defense                                                 23 May to 10 Jul

Proposal Defense                                           23 May to 24 Jul

Written Compre Exam (WCE)                          20 Jun to 03 Jul

Oral Compre Exam (OCE)                                18 to 24 Jul

Thesis/Dissertation Writing 1 only                    18 to 24 Jul

Withdrawal of Courses                                        06 Jun to 10 Jul

Online Enrollment for

SY 2007-08, Term 2                                           06 to 07 Aug

Last Day of Filing of
Application to Graduate                                       14 Aug

Final Exam Week                                                22 to 28 Aug

Course Card Distribution Day                               03 Sep

The complete academic calendar for undergraduate is available at



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