Back in Iloilo with rant

Yey me back at Iloilo at the end of May… Felt good to be back…

but right now I feel very bad… oh wait.. not just bad, im mad… which gave me the motivation to write this blog entry… Well, there was nothing I can do so I can just rant it here… will be called a backstabber again? Who cares! They can create their own blog and rant there for all I care…

:: Disclaimer ::
The following content are in the author’s point of view. If you want to comment on the content, give your reactions, you are welcome too. If you just want to troll, your message will be edited. If you want to bash me, you may do so as long as you provide justification for the bashing… Thank you.

Hmm lately iv been getting angry a lot… sometimes just silently keeping it to myself.. sometimes with outbursts… when I don’t get what I want… when I don’t understand how it is meant to be… when somethings quite different from the usual settings… I get mad… and it’s hard to think clearly when madness takes over… there is some kind of adrenaline rush that goes bad when your mad.. you tend to be not yourself…

Let’s start my story…

there was this girl who has a mom and an older bro… of course that’s not the only members of her family but they are the characters I will be focusing on…

The girl is always abused by the older bro… in terms of possession… like for example, usage of a electronic device such as a laptop… The brother would use the laptop for hours and leave only seconds for the others to use. Rarely, the girl has the chance to use the laptop, hooray for her.. but it suddenly turns out, the brother will appear from nowhere and demand that he will use the laptop… the girl gives in or else she’s scared of getting her ass kicked by the brother.

What else does the brother do? Oh, the brother also gets to play the games that the girl asked her bf to get FOR HER, see the emphasis on “for her”. And of course, it adds more to the hogging time… There was even a time that the bf was putting files such as mp3 in the laptop, uhh he installed a player but forgot the songs… and this brother had the nerve to insult the boyfriend behind his back for not putting any songs… and btw, the songs once again are FOR HER hopefully but that’s not the case…

More cases, well, a few weeks ago, they did not have dsl connection so they had to rely on dial up for internet use… The brother of course still uses the phone a lot for his online life, whether it’s day or not as long as the urge is there, he will go online… On the other hand, since the girl and her bf are so far away that they had to rely on telephone calls in order to communicate, the bf calls the girl for a rate of P10 per call. of course that’s cheap if you are thinking that they can get to talk for some long periods of time… but the problem her is.. there is this weird timing between the time when they can talk (only at night) and the brother’s urge to go online, it’s always at the same time and what happens to the call? the girl has no choice but to end the call or risk getting her ass kicked by the brother… It’s a new way to flush P10 coins into the toilet.

Now, I’ll move on to something recent… this happened last night…

I dont understand why it has been months already since the girl’s cellphone charger got broken and yet she has not bought a new one. Btw, according to the girl it was mother who broke the charger, nice way of showing responsibility eh? So as a charging procedure, the girl has to [ask][beg][plead][kneel before][kiss the ass of] her brother in order for the brother to lend her the charger… it was an easy procedure… however, last night, something was different… I just discovered that in the rental fee for chargers is priced at P100! let me repeat…


and sadly, the girl (sister) obliged… Wow.. talk about ultimate stupidity and abuse! We are talking about siblings here that are teenagers…and talk about the price to charge… I cant believe it… and so.. it set my blood on fire…

Another thing I cant understand about that situation is that.. the girl feels like she has not done anything worth getting angry about.. she claims she can get her another P100… I’m guessing they have a money tree…
She also said that, “I feel bad for my brother… sometimes when he goes out, he does not have money TO SPEND. I just want to help my mother because my brother asks her for money all the time. There are even times that our mother tells us to give him money TO SPEND…” nice logic.. nice mom.. and for that statement, is it possible to question why the mother is so strict to give money to her daughter when she wants to go out but is ready to ask her daughter’s money to the brother when it is the brother who wants to go out? Is that a hint of favoritism?

She also said, “My brother is good to me…” on this statement, I felt that I need to consult what “good” means.. what she sees as “good” doesn’t match my definition of “good” … so in the end, she gave up P100 just to have her phone charged…

Cellphone charging … P100 per full charge… I think this would be a good business… provided your customers are blind enough to see the reality.

Anyways, more on today…

Well, the girl and the bf did not meet today because there was a big shield… the mother… the mother proclaimed, “You should give yourselves some gap. and why is it that you are the one who ALWAYS finds way to meet with your bf.. .blah blah sh!t cock a doodle doo crap ” … when I say proclaimed, just as someone who shouts to be heard by everyone and of course, curious bystanders would turn their heads to listen as the mother teaches her daughter some lessons in embarrassing one’s self in public.

Thinking about it… The girl does not even need to ask for SPENDING MONEY to meet her bf… and she gets denied due to the GAP… Surely, when the brother wants to go for his nightlife in bars and needs SPENDING MONEY, the mother would be very ready to pour our the green stuff…

We can even compare the usefulness of the offspring…

>the girl accompanies the mother for shopping and for other reasons they need to go out. the girl watches the shop. the girl studies hard. but she has a bf and her mother has a lot of old fashioned misconceptions on her bf that prevents normal interaction…

>the brother spends his days at home.. never goes with the family on special occasions or just normal occasions.. hogs the telephone and laptop… asks for money for his night life.. bullies his sisters knowing he can get away with it…

now that’s a life that I don’t and will never understand…

Ok end of rant.


8 Responses to “Back in Iloilo with rant”

  1. 1 The Master May 31, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    After reading bf’s rantings… first thing I felt was pity. I feel sad for the girl, the bf (a.k.a. author), but I feel the most sadness is for the older brother.

    Alright, this may seem weird or foolish, but let me answer the question: “Why?”

    First, the girl, based on bf’s point of view, she is being harrassed. To be more precise, her older brother takes advantage of his “standing” in the family. Poor girl loses her “rights” to what she wants.

    Well, my point of view is this… perhaps we should consider how girl really feels about it. Let her decide who she wants to be. Let her grow into the person she chooses to be. Bottomline, let her decide her fate. I understand the bf’s concern, but isn’t love supposed to be about promoting growth to those involved in the relationship? Isn’t love supposed to be being there for each other and NOT FORCING change unto each other? Bottomline about love is… its about letting EACH person CHOOSE WHO they want to be (don’t interfere… because if you do, you are CHOOSING for them.. and this defeats the purpose)

    Regarding girl’s line: β€œMy brother is good to me…”, maybe bf should also know what “good” means. Well, truth is… there is NO SUCH THING AS GOOD and BAD. Its basically something society put into our minds. But if you really want to know what is GOOD and what is BAD… you better consult your own feelings about it. Thus for the girl, if she can claim that she feels good about her brother treating her that way, then indeed, her brother is good for her. Get it? (I am not defending the girl, nor the brother, nor am I against bf. I’m just sharing my point-of-view.)

    Next, lets talk about the concerned bf. Yes, it looks like he is affected since older brother makes it difficult for him to communicate with girl. He is affected because “his girl” is being treated unfairly (in bf’s point of view). I guess it is pretty natural that bf will want to defend “his girl” in times like this. Why does he want to do it? I believe its because he loves her (yes, thats true). The question now is…. will ranting/being angry solve the problem?

    Of course not! The real answer to this “problem” is love. Okay, okay, you might ask me… “you just said bf loves the girl, aren’t you contradicting yourself?”

    Well, the answer is no. Bf’s love for girl is different from love that is the answer. Love, in its greater glory, is not the absence of anger, hatred, etc.. but it is all the human emotions combined. It is the summation of all. Now, what is the practical application of love (that is the answer)? Like I mentioned before, its growth of the Self (you and the girl). Stop ranting… stop getting angry… and just grow (become more mature). There will come a time when the girl, too, will grow and find her true self (choose to be who she really wants).

    Still with me? Or are we overwhelmed with information? Hehe
    Now going to the person I am most sad about… “the older brother” Why?
    Why is he like this? Why does he “bully” his sister? Why does he take advantage of her? Why doesn’t he care about her? Well, you should know that… the older brother is the one who is suffering the most. If he is happy, would he do such things?

    You might say its because he was spoiled by his parents. Yes, this may be true… but this is also the reason why he is unhappy.

    Well, I guess I said a lot already. And I’ll leave it to you to think about it. But, if I am in your position, I’ll stop ranting… and start growing. πŸ™‚ God bless!

  2. 2 silkenhut May 31, 2007 at 2:44 pm

    As a side note… Cant help but rant.. it’s like an outlet for me.. where i can release my anger, my frustrations, so that it wont haunt me… I dont like to be in a state of madness for long periods of time and I usually feel good after ranting on the things that are on my mind…

    For me, ranting is my way to achieve a peace of mind after encountering problems and also, as a side goal, to listen to other people’s comments and reactions regarding the matter. I want to know their point of view so that I will not be limited to my own. In that way, I can still grow.. ^_^

  3. 3 Keith May 31, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    If there were a Jigoku Shoujo (aka Hell Girl), I think that the bf would be racing to contact her and take the lives of the girl’s brother and mother. Tsk.

  4. 4 e.m. ong May 31, 2007 at 10:47 pm


    I have to commend the authors of the previous comments. Very insightful thoughts you have there.

    Anyway, in my opinion I tend to agree with bf, seeing that he feels that the girl’s good nature is being abused by those close to her. But hey, it is only an outsider’s point of view (no offense to the bf). It is very difficult to explain how one feels towards his/her family. Of course, aside from them being the one you trust and all, you tend to think of their good sides more than their bad ones.

    You’re right though…who ever heard of an elder(I am guessing) brother taking advantage of his younger sister? Isn’t it supposed to be the opposite? Protecting, caring, and all?

    Maybe the brother still needs time to grow. I am not saying that we should still allow the abuse to happen. Both sides must be considered and an authoritative figure must try to put to a stop to what’s happening (the girl’s dad maybe?). As for the mom, well I can’t say for sure…Only having my mom as comparison, I can speculate that maybe the mom has a reason (I’m not saying it’s good, nor am I saying it’s bad).

    My advice is, the bf should not try to involve himself in the situation as much as possible. As the author of the first comment said, you must show your love and support for the girl. Don’t let those difficult circumstances put a strain to your relationship. As long as girl will not be emotionally/physically unstable with the situation, I think it’s best if the bf leaves the matters to the family. Maybe the bf can help by just alerting the dad to what’s happening and stuff like that, but not direct involvement…

    Love her. Support her. Be there for her.

    That’s what matters πŸ™‚

    I hope my opinions(however useless) helped πŸ˜›

    More power to the bf and the girl! hihi πŸ™‚

  5. 5 silkenhut June 1, 2007 at 6:16 pm

    Hmm Thanks for the advice. For more information, the brother is an older brother. It is hard to communicate with the father because of language problems.

    As observed from the mother, her ideals are very much traditional. I think she does not believe that there exists a family who are very much modernized and does not follow ancient traditions based on their culture.

    As for the bf, yes, it is a good idea to just let them be. One admits the fault of meddling in affairs not his own. He has to accept the fact that they were both raised in different ways and the differences are the cause for the bf’s confusion.

    Thank you for the insights.

  6. 6 Mich June 6, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    There are rights and wrongs. There may be no absolutes, and every decision must take in the circumstances and situation, but there are rights and wrongs. (or else we wouldn’t have a judicial system)

    It is never right to forcely charge one’s sibling P100 to borrow a charger.

  7. 7 James June 7, 2007 at 11:25 am

    I also have an older brother. But i admit, even though we hated each others guts when we were kids (up until highschool) it never came to a point of him abusing me too much (in terms of monetary/baon/possessions/freedom/computer usage/tv viewing) this is because we have decent parents. Parents are supposed to discipline their kids, favoritism or not, no good ever came out of letting a child do whatever it wants. In this case, the kid is now a teenager nearing adulthood. Sure, being the older sibling earns some degree of “utos” powers. But you know what? Nothing justifies 100 pesos rent for borrowing some cellphone charger from a sibling who isnt even earning his own money yet. It’s not completely the brother’s fault, it’s the parents. Being traditional doesn’t mean allowing a son/daughter to do whatever they want. If the kid has no money, then he should learn how to budget his baon and stop frequenting bars at night… It’s just that simple! But no, the mom has to spoil him and take money from his sister (grabe to!).

    Simply put, its just irresponsible and immature for the parents and i pity the girl and the bf as well.

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