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Dota All Stars Map 6.45

The latest and official map of dota!

Download Dota 6.45

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are you hai-ding something?

New law log source from the “master”

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New blog focus…

I felt that uploading just isnt my style so I would like to scrap that idea and make another blog…

It’s the new Ecchi Blog! Basically a blog where I review animes that are ecchi! ^_^

It has launched!!! –> <–



Inukami… a random anime that I choosed to watched because it has ecchi in its genre.

Basically, in a nutshell, Inukami are dog gods. (Inu means dogs and kami means god = dog god). Inukamis are allies of Inukami tsukai’s (persons with spiritual powers) and together, they go out to vanquish evil spirits. This anime tells us the story of a perverted and stupid Inukami tsukai named Kawahira Keita and his inukami, youko as they go and lived their daily lives. Continue reading ‘Inukami’

Today is a busy day!

Today, I predict that I will have a busy day…

My plans will be… to upload like hell… and perhaps work on thesis.. So I will be very busy… ^_^

Silkenhut’s Media Download

I think i need a new blog for this instead of cramming everything here in my blog. hehe ^_^

Will be creating one today and hopefully will be up in a few hours. =)

Dota All Stars Map 6.44 & 6.44b

After a long while, dota has been updated… 6 new heroes and a lot of bugfixes…

Download dota 6.44

Download dota 6.44b

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