Big dilemna

The life of a half japanese girl…

Ohhh this half japanese girl lost her clearance last week and could not enroll as of now… Her teacher told her to go today since the teacher will be arriving in school… The japgirl arrived at school at a super early time of 7am to which she was hoping the teacher would be there… three hours passed and still no sign of the teacher… Ehem, somebody arrived to provide some company.. They called the teacher and the teacher said he will arrive by lunchtime…

Lunchtime came and the teacher sent a message that his boat trip will be 3pm so the estimated time of arrival will be about 430 (1hr boat ride and 30pier to school travel)… Well, the jap girl and her good friend who accompanied her since morning (a girl) waited for the teacher at school. Hours passed and the teacher sent a message again, his boat trip was delayed so he wont be able to make it.. The teacher suggested that she return on Monday to process the requirements (clearance). If you think this isn’t enough…

The jap girl received information from one of the teachers that she needs to file an affidavit of loss for her lost clearance. What a policy… So she needs to go to hall of justice and endure more waiting in line to get the affidavit. Of course, she has no idea how to do this…

The sad life of a half japanese girl…

Is this the work of Karma ? Will the Tall, Dark and Nevermind dude have the last laugh?  We’ll see…

PS: Congrats to Ms Japan for winning the Ms Universe 2007.


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