Inukami… a random anime that I choosed to watched because it has ecchi in its genre.

Basically, in a nutshell, Inukami are dog gods. (Inu means dogs and kami means god = dog god). Inukamis are allies of Inukami tsukai’s (persons with spiritual powers) and together, they go out to vanquish evil spirits. This anime tells us the story of a perverted and stupid Inukami tsukai named Kawahira Keita and his inukami, youko as they go and lived their daily lives.

Let’s introduce the characters…

Kawahira Keita – Seen as a failure in the kawahira clan because he is not serious with his job. Although his grandma nearly gave up on him, they give him a chance and he went to look for his own inukami. He went to the mountain where Inukamis can be found and offered his job specifications. Nobody appeared to him… Btw, Inukamis are supposed to be partners for inukami tsukais and not a job as Keita was offering… In the end, his grandma told him that there’s an inukami tsukai who accepted his job and that inukami was youko. So keita had his first inukami and his life changed! As an inukami tsukai, Keita has the power of explosive frogs that looks like frog erasers… Most of the time he is incredibly perverted and stupid and since usually inukamis are cute girls, that only adds to keitas desires! But Keita can be someone they can rely on when worse comes to worse..

Youko – Youko is the only inukami that accepted Keita but it was because of her own ambitions and not because she wants to help keita. Although this mindset changed as the story progressed since Youko and Keita became more closer to each other.. Youko is extremely strong and has the power of fire and shukuchi (teleporting objects anywhere… teleporting keita nude unto the neighborhood where he apprehended by police and thrown into jail)

These two are the main characters for the story… now on to my sort-of review…

Inukami is an ecchi anime (Iv said this already) and based on my ecchi ratings, it passes with high scores! Perverted Keita always runs to girls (Inukamis and humans) to flirt with them and gets slapped by a frying pan by youko.

My first impression of inukami was an action anime since it started that way. Keita and Youko fighting an evil spirit and showing that evil spirit their powers… but I was wrong… hehe

What’s new about inukami in terms of ecchiness is the abundance of machomen in loincloths. Atfirst I thought these were only in one episode (Ep 2), but they reappear in different parts of the story. Part of the salvation army for keita… hehe There are also three ghosts that are always in the same jail as keita when keita gets apprehended due to public display of “elephant”. The first ghost is a master of peeking, the second ghost is the master of lingerie, and the third ghost is the master of submission… together they branded keita as King! (not the king that rules a country… but something else) These three ghosts also leads the salvation army where you can see different types of people… machos in loincloths, women with whips and masks, and other perverted costumes…

One of the antagonist of the story is a strong magician who wants to rid the world of rules and inhibitions… He wants complete freedom where one can do whatever he wants. and he dresses with only a cloak and likes to show his elephant in public. He is very powerful and the only one who has defeated him was youkos father…

The stories in the anime were usually shown as one episode long, (episodal)… but only in the end where there was this big arc where the main story takes place. Sad to say that in the main arc, the ecchiness level went down for it went more for action, drama and other non-ecchi stuffs… Although they still manage to show some ecchiness in some way or another but not as much as compared to the previous episodes… They have a very strong enemy here that they have to defeat and this enemy feeds on their despair in order to survive… (despair.. reminds me of ragnarok.. the enemy who keeps talking about despair) The inukamis are no match for the enemy without keita’s leadership and it can be seen that the enemy will win until keita arrives as the hero. I felt that the battle between keita and the enemy was rushed, it only lasted for a few minutes. After fighting, they went back to their normal lives where keita again is being punished by youko due to his actions. I was hoping for the last does of shukuchi but was denied… hehe

Overall, Inukami has been an enjoyable show for me… the girls are kawaii! Very ecchi and funny at the same time… There was some mild drama and action but the main attraction of the anime, is the ecchi ideas that they are showing. It was fun and it was finished very well. It’s time to move on to the next ecchi anime!

PS :: I watched the fansubs from Mendoi-SHS-KAA group… Very good encoding. =)

More info…

Anidb page –

no download links available… you have to find it yourself or if you cant, just tell me.. il be glad to help.


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