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Im getting my own domain

Im getting my own domain today.. Il just wait and see when I can set it up.. perhaps after a day or two. ^_^

I already have wordpress installed locally on my computer and tweaking it as I speak. It should be ready to upload when I get my hosting. I’m so excited!

to get or not to get own domain

Today I was thinking if I will get my own domain.  I am still weighing the pros and cons…


  • A sense of uniqueness or individualism.
  • It has more flexibility since you have control of everything.
  • It is cool! I can see it now,,,
  • Subdomains – instead of making a new blog for each topic concentration, I can just use subdomains.


  • It costs money!
  • There are free web hosts such as blogger and!

So what should I do? ^_^

Transformers and Fatboy’s Exodus

This post is super late. Supposed to be posted a few days ago but I was lazy. haha

Anyways, these happened last July 5 where Me, Fatboy, Law, Paxi, Bash and Deryk went to SM Mall of Asia to have fun. It was fatboy’s last day in the Philippines since the next day he will be flying to US.

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Nearing 100k hits!

I’m excited that my blog is nearing 100,000 visitors. haha.. ^_^

the nerd attitude for thesis

For today’s chat log, we have excerpts from a nerd… big nerd.. hehe

porkchoppiglet: gus2 ko na magthesis
porkchoppiglet: tawa ka jan!
porkchoppiglet: hay
Lalen: yeah its topic hehe
Lalen: so good topic
Lalen: i min status
porkchoppiglet: no!!!
porkchoppiglet: pero 22o naman
Lalen: onga eh
Lalen: teach me thesis ahaah
Lalen: how do u work so fast
porkchoppiglet: i dont work so fast
porkchoppiglet: i used to… before
porkchoppiglet: pero naging rusty na ako
porkchoppiglet: huhuhu
porkchoppiglet: super naging short short short ang attention span ko
Lalen: haha u put polish
porkchoppiglet: wat polish?
porkchoppiglet: nail polish?
Lalen: yes
Lalen: polish ur phatz hehe
porkchoppiglet: i really want to do thesis… go on nerd mode… feels ko good
porkchoppiglet: *so
Lalen: ohhh must post chat log hhee
porkchoppiglet: nooooooooo
porkchoppiglet: wat i mean is
porkchoppiglet: d ko gus2 ang feeling na walang nagagawa sa thesis O_o
porkchoppiglet: i wanna cry… but i cant… kasi may ibang datacraft pipol din na same situation sa akin
Lalen: anything you say will be edited and used against you
Lalen: so why do you want to thesis?
porkchoppiglet: kasi… lapit na mag november! or december… kelan ba final defense?
porkchoppiglet: basta un
porkchoppiglet: i really feel na d enough time ang binibigay ko sa thesis huhuhu
porkchoppiglet: nung summer, datacraft stuff halos….
porkchoppiglet: ngaun, datacraft stuff nanaman
porkchoppiglet: huhuhuhu
porkchoppiglet: i miss my thesis
porkchoppiglet: and all the technical stuff

porkchoppiglet: no more
porkchoppiglet: i can’t express my connection with my thesis… love
porkchoppiglet: joke lng
porkchoppiglet: wag mo ako i chatlog
porkchoppiglet: gus2 lng kta patawanin
Lalen: =) posted haha

read manga online sacrifices

I spent the whole morning sleeping, eating and uploading manga to be read online. The site is in Hopefully I can upload up to volume 4 of futari ecchi today. hehe Click here to read manga online

I noticed that if i upload the whole chapter intact, it would take a long time for people to browse through it and it would seem better than they just downloaded it so I tried searching for solutions to lessen the file sizes without losing much quality.

Well I am using these softwares – VSO Image resizer and Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP to do my job. ^_^ haha It’s a tedious task but its for the manga fans out there. hehe

This is my methods:

  1. If the picture is in PNG format, I will convert it to JPG using VSO Image resizer.
  2. Convert all JPG pictures using Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP to 1024×768 resolution (massive drop in file sizes)
  3. Upload the pictures to Imageshack using ShellUploader program
  4. Copy the direct links from Imageshack to notepad
  5. I made a little program that turns direct image links into html (eg. http://image.jpg to  <img src=”http://image.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”image image”> )
  6. I put it into read manga online


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