read manga online sacrifices

I spent the whole morning sleeping, eating and uploading manga to be read online. The site is in Hopefully I can upload up to volume 4 of futari ecchi today. hehe Click here to read manga online

I noticed that if i upload the whole chapter intact, it would take a long time for people to browse through it and it would seem better than they just downloaded it so I tried searching for solutions to lessen the file sizes without losing much quality.

Well I am using these softwares – VSO Image resizer and Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP to do my job. ^_^ haha It’s a tedious task but its for the manga fans out there. hehe

This is my methods:

  1. If the picture is in PNG format, I will convert it to JPG using VSO Image resizer.
  2. Convert all JPG pictures using Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP to 1024×768 resolution (massive drop in file sizes)
  3. Upload the pictures to Imageshack using ShellUploader program
  4. Copy the direct links from Imageshack to notepad
  5. I made a little program that turns direct image links into html (eg. http://image.jpg to  <img src=”http://image.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”image image”> )
  6. I put it into read manga online

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