Transformers and Fatboy’s Exodus

This post is super late. Supposed to be posted a few days ago but I was lazy. haha

Anyways, these happened last July 5 where Me, Fatboy, Law, Paxi, Bash and Deryk went to SM Mall of Asia to have fun. It was fatboy’s last day in the Philippines since the next day he will be flying to US.

Our meeting place was in Starbucks Dlsu but our driver, I mean fatboy got stuck in traffic that we got on the car while it was still stuck in front of Mcdo. At that time, it was only Paxi and I and our driver. Bash and Law still have not arrived since they were also stuck in traffic. Deryk is going to Mall of Asia on his own.

In Mall of Asia, Anco, i mean fatboy, bought tickets to the movie transformers to be shown at 610pm. We texted Deryk to hurry up and fatboy told us to play first in Toby’s. We tried the three point shootout thingy and we sucked haha Deryk arrived and also tried playing too. hehe We then hurried to the cinemas, bought some food and watched the movie.

It was cool! The cartoons we used to watch when we were still toddlers is now in the front screen! So cool!. and the leading lady is a babe! oh yeah! haha The graphics was very nice ^_^ Worth watching it… my only bad experience in the movie was that I got the last waffle from the box and it was chocolate flavored…Super what the hell flavor.

We tried to play the kart kart thingy fatboy was telling us but the tracks were wet so we just went home instead. Our driver brought each of us right in our doorsteps! So cool!.

Later that night, we played dota in GG. Law slept already while paxi me and fatboy played. Yeah Onij! and the next day, fatboy flew to the US.

It was weird since he told us his flight was 5am and he leaves home at 330am to “deliver” his GF (haha I forgot the word, so i used deliver) and at 430 he goes to the airport. How the hell can he ride the plane if his flight is really 5am and he arrives there at 430am? haha


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