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the nerd attitude for thesis

For today’s chat log, we have excerpts from a nerd… big nerd.. hehe

porkchoppiglet: gus2 ko na magthesis
porkchoppiglet: tawa ka jan!
porkchoppiglet: hay
Lalen: yeah its topic hehe
Lalen: so good topic
Lalen: i min status
porkchoppiglet: no!!!
porkchoppiglet: pero 22o naman
Lalen: onga eh
Lalen: teach me thesis ahaah
Lalen: how do u work so fast
porkchoppiglet: i dont work so fast
porkchoppiglet: i used to… before
porkchoppiglet: pero naging rusty na ako
porkchoppiglet: huhuhu
porkchoppiglet: super naging short short short ang attention span ko
Lalen: haha u put polish
porkchoppiglet: wat polish?
porkchoppiglet: nail polish?
Lalen: yes
Lalen: polish ur phatz hehe
porkchoppiglet: i really want to do thesis… go on nerd mode… feels ko good
porkchoppiglet: *so
Lalen: ohhh must post chat log hhee
porkchoppiglet: nooooooooo
porkchoppiglet: wat i mean is
porkchoppiglet: d ko gus2 ang feeling na walang nagagawa sa thesis O_o
porkchoppiglet: i wanna cry… but i cant… kasi may ibang datacraft pipol din na same situation sa akin
Lalen: anything you say will be edited and used against you
Lalen: so why do you want to thesis?
porkchoppiglet: kasi… lapit na mag november! or december… kelan ba final defense?
porkchoppiglet: basta un
porkchoppiglet: i really feel na d enough time ang binibigay ko sa thesis huhuhu
porkchoppiglet: nung summer, datacraft stuff halos….
porkchoppiglet: ngaun, datacraft stuff nanaman
porkchoppiglet: huhuhuhu
porkchoppiglet: i miss my thesis
porkchoppiglet: and all the technical stuff

porkchoppiglet: no more
porkchoppiglet: i can’t express my connection with my thesis… love
porkchoppiglet: joke lng
porkchoppiglet: wag mo ako i chatlog
porkchoppiglet: gus2 lng kta patawanin
Lalen: =) posted haha


are you hai-ding something?

New law log source from the “master”

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New blog focus…

I felt that uploading just isnt my style so I would like to scrap that idea and make another blog…

It’s the new Ecchi Blog! Basically a blog where I review animes that are ecchi! ^_^

It has launched!!! –> <–



Inukami… a random anime that I choosed to watched because it has ecchi in its genre.

Basically, in a nutshell, Inukami are dog gods. (Inu means dogs and kami means god = dog god). Inukamis are allies of Inukami tsukai’s (persons with spiritual powers) and together, they go out to vanquish evil spirits. This anime tells us the story of a perverted and stupid Inukami tsukai named Kawahira Keita and his inukami, youko as they go and lived their daily lives. Continue reading ‘Inukami’

Laptop speaks to Law

Ultranerd_Lawrence: u der?
Lalen: no, this is laptop speaking
Ultranerd_Lawrence: go run ur gg
Lalen: running process GGClient.exe
Lalen: CPU Load 10%
Ultranerd_Lawrence: allen is gay
Lalen: ‘allen is gay’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, perhaps you meant ‘law is gay’?
Ultranerd_Lawrence: wat a stupid laptop
Ultranerd_Lawrence: allen is gay is a given true statement
Ultranerd_Lawrence: insert it into your harddisk
Lalen: Insert failure…
Lalen: Command overriden…
Ultranerd_Lawrence is using an older version of Yahoo! Messenger and certain features may be unavailable. Click here to invite Ultranerd_Lawrence to upgrade.

Ultranerd_Lawrence: d hell haha
Lalen: Closest match chosen,
Ultranerd_Lawrence: enof crap
Ultranerd_Lawrence: gg na
Lalen: input ‘Law is gay’ inserted.. successfully
Lalen: All systems up and ready to go!

One Piece

One piece

This is the anime im currently watching. Im on episode 154 now and so far, Iv loved it.. based on, they have 310+ episodes… that means I still have a long way to go.. hehe

Get One Piece from Kaizoku Fansubs. =) I love their work…

As of now, I can say that One piece is very enjoyable… lots of funny scenes, little drama scenes and lots of action! If you like naruto, then i think you would like this… it’s shounen, comedy, adventure ..  It also has a good soundtrack. I liked the OP and ED songs… I will really finish this for now… hehe

Triple Ecchi

Hmm my anime watch log.. so far I have finished Magikano a few days ago and Ebichu just this afternoon… also I watched some parts of futari ecchi. hehe triple ecchi! So let me being some anime reviewing.. il review the three shows in this post.

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