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New blog focus…

I felt that uploading just isnt my style so I would like to scrap that idea and make another blog…

It’s the new Ecchi Blog! Basically a blog where I review animes that are ecchi! ^_^

It has launched!!! –> <–




Inukami… a random anime that I choosed to watched because it has ecchi in its genre.

Basically, in a nutshell, Inukami are dog gods. (Inu means dogs and kami means god = dog god). Inukamis are allies of Inukami tsukai’s (persons with spiritual powers) and together, they go out to vanquish evil spirits. This anime tells us the story of a perverted and stupid Inukami tsukai named Kawahira Keita and his inukami, youko as they go and lived their daily lives. Continue reading ‘Inukami’

One Piece

One piece

This is the anime im currently watching. Im on episode 154 now and so far, Iv loved it.. based on, they have 310+ episodes… that means I still have a long way to go.. hehe

Get One Piece from Kaizoku Fansubs. =) I love their work…

As of now, I can say that One piece is very enjoyable… lots of funny scenes, little drama scenes and lots of action! If you like naruto, then i think you would like this… it’s shounen, comedy, adventure ..  It also has a good soundtrack. I liked the OP and ED songs… I will really finish this for now… hehe

Triple Ecchi

Hmm my anime watch log.. so far I have finished Magikano a few days ago and Ebichu just this afternoon… also I watched some parts of futari ecchi. hehe triple ecchi! So let me being some anime reviewing.. il review the three shows in this post.

Continue reading ‘Triple Ecchi’

Naruto Shippuden without aone

Sad news for AnimeOne fans that waits for naruto… Taken from Gotwoot

Dear AonE fans,

After fansubbing Naruto for over 4 years, we regret to inform everyone that we will not be continuing with the series past season one (episode 220). This is for a variety of reasons but the main being that subbing the show is just no longer fun for a lot of the staff members. The show is also a tremendous use of resources for AonE which is hurting our other shows. Naruto Shippuden is not the only show that we are “dropping”, we will also not be continuing with the Gundam SEED Destiny Special Editions. We will however be subbing the Stargazer OVAs. We ARE still subbing Daa! Daa! Daa!, so do not fear DDD fans.

By making these sacrifices, we can better concentrate on our current shows as well as possibly a new one that we are interested in. We will be doing everything possible to catch up on our backload and finish some old shows (BBB, SnS III, etc) before the next season begins.

These decisions have not come easy. There have been many heated discussions behind the scenes. We are facing an evolving fansubbing world, and unless we consolidate our resources we will be unable to keep up.

We are still recruiting for staff members, particularly Translators, QC, and TSers. Please see us on IRC in #aone-recruit (on and private message an op.

Regardless of the show, AonE will continue to provide high quality fansubs for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for all your support!

AonE Staff

Goodluck to aone to their other projects…

Oruchuban Ebichu

One of the animes that I am currently watching is Ebichu! Now what the hell is this?ehhe

Most episodes follow Ebichu, a talking hamster devoted to her oft-indifferent owner, who is only identified as OL (“Office Lady”), a single 25 year old (this is the age Japanese women are considered nearing the end of the ideal marrying age) who doles out cynical commentary and the occasional beating on the rodent. Ebichu tends to take this in stride with endless praise and compliments. However, such abuse is usually caused by Ebichu’s almost

disturbing lack of tact or propriety, often embarrassing her master in front of other people.

Ebichu often attempts to correct OL’s bad decisions, such as her berating of OL’s obnoxious and untrustworthy boyfriend Ebichu nicknamed Kaishounachi (literally, Useless).

Continue reading ‘Oruchuban Ebichu’

Naruto… Narutard?

OMG.. this past week, most of my anime viewings were watching Naruto fillers…

Fillers – Anime show only stories. Not related to the mangaka, usually are just side stories that are not related to the main story and usually made to extend a show (make more money).

Naruto had about 85 episodes of fillers, thats more than a year! LoL, alot of narutards and naruto fanatics stopped watching the anime and hoped that the fillers will end. After stopping, some opted to read the manga to know what happens next, some started to watch other anime instead… but in my case, who cares!  I still watch them, filler or not.. Its still titled naruto and since I am not following the manga also…

Naruto rant ahead… Continue reading ‘Naruto… Narutard?’


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