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AnimeList Update

Oh darn… due to the panic of losing naruto, I made some updates on my anime list…

Will be uploading it later… Anidb MyList ————– Excel List (newly updated)

…. i think naruto is gone gone gone…. =(

all files that are currently in CDs have been marked unknown (Anidb) and unavailable(Excel)


New Excel Anime List

New updatesfor my excel anime list…

I have added new formatting and is now currently in beta stages.. haha

check it out here. 

My Anime List

For those who are interested, I have two sites for my anime list.

  • Anidb List – Where I place my anime and it shows a lot of details. Always updated.
  • Excel List – I manually made this and it is more of an inventory list. has manga, ost and other stuffs. Updated only when I remember to upload a new list.


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